Fastest Way to Load JQuery on PPV?

Hi, I’m trying to minimize page load time on PPV and am wondering how to get the quickest load time specifically from jquery.

1) Do you guys host it locally on your own servers or link to the google CDN?
2) If hosted locally, do you minify it further, and if so, with what?
3) If I’m using MaxCDN for static files, can I use it for these jquery scripts too?

Thank you!

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Definitely link to the Google CDN.

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Yup , google cdn is the way to go since most people have it cached from there.

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my only advice about using the google one is…..if you are ….ahem doing stuff google doesnt like… just gives the bots a reason to come find you….loading off maxCDN is just as fast in most cases…just make sure its minified

and yes you should def load every js off the cdn….way quicker load times….

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Cool. Thanks guys!

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Maybe try this:

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So I’m playing around with loading jquery from the google APIs and when I run a page test in pingdom it shows my lander loading what seem to be a few unncessary/undesirable googley things:

Anyone else experience this? Is this a big deal?

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Try this:

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How are you calling the jquery file? I tested my lander with pingdom and didn’t get any of the extra stuff. I’m using the following

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

My half-baked theory is to use 1.4.2 because I believe it is the most widely used and has the best chance of being cached.

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I’m using 1.4.2 too. I didn’t realize I could call the file without using an API access key over their https connection. So that’s probably the issue. Not sure why anyone would do that if it’s available on a non-secure connection without registration…


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