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I believe Facebook uses some kind of image-detection software that checks any image you upload against a database (kinda like to see if it has been disapproved before. If you upload the exact same image several times in a row and it always gets disapproved, you’ll notice that sometimes it gets instantly disapproved while all other ads stay in pending review mode.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make my images "unrecognizable" so that they’ll always go through a manual review. Like, changing from jpg to gif/png, clearing all info on the image file and even changing it with +1% contrast and stuff like that in Photoshop.

So far I’ve been unable to figure it out though. Seems that unless I change the image in a significant way it will just be instantly recognized as a "banned" image and disapproved.

So, has anyone been able to figure out exactly how this works?

But then again, I could just be imagining this and they do go through a manual review 100% of the time.

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Do you create a new campaign when you try to submit your ad again? Persistence is key, it may slip through eventually.

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persistence is key to a point….all fb accounts have internal approval/disapproval ratios…..having a good ratio = less issues….so be careful when resubmitting…

often i will just dump like 200-300 ads in there paused, that will never run that i know will get approved to keep the ratio high…..

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that’s a brilliant idea. I’m going to do that today because I’m definitely skewed more toward disapproved after the past couple days

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Oh I had no idea about that.

Persistence isn’t getting me anywhere. On the accounts I use to run a lot of "questionable" stuff its basically impossible to get an ad approved.

Guess its time to create a few new accounts and use Polarbacon’s tip from the beginning.

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You seem pretty attached to the image to keep trying with the same one.

If that’s the case, and Facebook can automatically identify it, consider reversing the image and see if that helps?

I have no experience with that myself, but it would be a quick and easy modification to test it out and may get your beloved image past an initial automatic screening.

Best of Luck.

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Flipping the image has worked for me. as well as re-saving it with different quality.

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Try. Try. After you get denied, Try again.
There is nothing easy about making money, you just need persistence.

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Ya try flipping it horizontally. Works for Tineye…

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