FB Ads Pro w/ Massive Disapprove Issue

Hey Guys…Ive been on FB for a while and spent $50k+ and today all of a sudden everything I submit is immediately disapproved!

To Top it off…I am submitting ads for Fan Pages that go to the wall! Its Not the picture because its a basic logo!

The error says: The content of your ad does not adequately reflect the product or service advertised. Before resubmitting it, please visit our Help Center for additional information and examples compliant with our Advertising Guidelines.

This is quite possibly the vague-est F@##ing thing I have ever read. Ive never had issues getting my ads approved, especially Fan Page Ads. I have been at this for 4 hrs and I’m livid…I cant figure it out!

HELP! Any ideas?

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yup same was happening to me , i had a method to get any ad pretty much approved , now ..nothing does sucks balls … i even tried to get my local business up on ads to see if that would work …nada!

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Try submitting with an image relevant to the product/ad other than the logo? Maybe put the logo on top of said relevant image. Maybe you just got a cranky/noobish intern?

Also, maybe your fan page has been flagged in some way and they are auto-disapproving, e.g. multiple disapproved ads to that page in X time frame -> triggers flag for further submitted ads. You could always email the ad team and ask for a reason for the sudden change. As long as it’s all legit you shouldn’t be afraid to contact them.

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Does anyone have any experience redirecting users on page "like?"

I have never done this before…but seems like a good strategy. What do you think?

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Only speaking from m experience on an account with a $2k limit, but the account was toast. Every ad I submitted was disapproved. Saw it as a facebook slap with them saying "we don’t want your fucking business". But thats just my experience. I had to make new accounts, which is a pain in the arse as they don’t hand out $50k accounts easily.

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I have about 12 Campaigns running right now and I setup an ad campaign earlier today and it got approved like instantly. So far already spent about 200 on that campaign in just a few hrs and its brand new. Everything seems to be working fine…but they just disapproved my new ads like crazy.

Kinda freaks me out…but ive never had an issues like this ever…and im not doing anything they wouldnt allow. its just weird to me…Ill try again tomorrow and see what happens.

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eh, this happens sometimes.

You need to really find out if the account is just "bad" or not. What I would do is manually make some legit ads for a local business in your area. Better yet, make about 10 ads by hand, all at different times and submit them to FB. Make them all go to diff business in your area. If all 10 get disapproved then you know your account is shit. The key is these need to be legit ads pointing to legit pages and all different with diff legit images and submitted at diff times ( to get on diff reviewers ).

If you get 1 or 2 in, your fine then. At that point you just need to keep submitting legit ads ( keep your budget low like $10 a day and your bids low like .05 so they don’t run ) so you build up what looks like a legit account with a good ratio of approved ads. I would do this for an entire month and slip in 1 or 2 affiliate ads while your doing it.

If your doing this and nothing is getting thru, i’d prob get a new account.

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I’d instantly say you just had 1 reviewer who put your account to shit while they were at work, meaning they just disapproved everything for you. I’ve had this many times which is why i’ll rarely submit the same bacth of ads within a 12 hour period. To be sure though do what @eliquid said. Then you’ll know 100% if your account was just having a bad day, or if your blacklisted somehow. Usually they’ll ban your account if its blacklisted, so you should be fine.

The Article Published IN 08-22-2011 12:00 AM

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