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based on this thread……es-on-Facebook

…here is the link to my first app: (free browser games)

Its in german but I hope you get the idea.

However I dont mind if you copy, steal, get rich or whatever your idea is au contraire: I definitely have to give something back to this forum for all the advice. This means I will share the code if you are interested (ping me!).

Now I am not sharing this just because I am nice guy (but I am). I ran a few ads in Germany but didn’t have many conversions. I feel like "this is something that has to rock" but i also feel like "gaming is not my kinda planet". to keep it short: i am too stupid to make profit of this.

so if if anybody is willing to help me in sense of tutoring or whatever is possible – i would appreciate your help.

btw. every game has a direct link…:

what a great opportunity to switch offers based on ids! or attaching a database… or dropping cookies… or …

cheers, ms.

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That looks quite interesting. How do you plan to drive traffic there? So basically every game has its own app or page or how did you handle that? If so that’s great to setup different gaming campaigns. Gaming works quite well in Germany, jfyi

I would love to see a small tut on creating something like that. I know how to create an app but not how you put content there I always linked them to my fanpages…

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Originally Posted by ppvnewbie

So basically every game has its own app or page or how did you handle that?

no – it’s only one app with different offers: every offer has a unique ID.
it’s also only a single php file which does the whole job.

you can link to the main app page (no id) or to a single offer (e.g. ?id=0, ?id=1 or ?id=n).

Originally Posted by ppvnewbie

How do you plan to drive traffic there?

i’ve sent some fb ad traffic to the app but i only made a few conversions so far… i think my offers are quite old or i just had the wrong angle.

could you define "quite well"? i’ve never been able to get profit from gaming campaigns… 🙁

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hi there

you can download the app here: fb games

1. upload everything to your server
2. make an app, with this tutorial:…es-on-Facebook
3. go go go

– index.php (plays the music)
– .htaccess (cloaks your affiliate links)
– img folder: two images per game xxx.jpg (detail) and xxx_t.jpg (overview)

have fun and feel free to ask. i know there are much more elegant ways to do this, also feel free to make the code better an post it here…

cheers, dan

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