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Whats up everyone. I have been in the game since Jan. Had my first 10k+ wk 2 wks ago and am looking to keep building! Buy all my ads on FB and looking for more knowledge, tricks and skillzzzz!

Excited to see what this place as to offer!


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Wow, great results man. Any input into your success? I’m sure a lot of the newbies here would love to hear more about what you did to get 10k/week, welcome!

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Hi and welcome
Share your knowledge and you will learn more

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Hey Adan, welcome!

Sounds like you should be heading off to the FB section on the forum, and sharing some of yr mad skillzzzz

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Enjoy the forums and be sure to checkout the FB section, it should accommodate what your looking for!

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Welcome to the forums. Enjoy

The Article Published IN 08-10-2011 08:45 PM

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