FB Keyword targeting for Gaming Campaigns

I am running a Gaming offer, and am trying to understand the logic of keyword/interest targeting for games on FB.

Should I be targeting the same keywords as a search campaign?
e.g "free to play mmorpg"?

This has me confused, as when I look up at the reach for similar games (e.g vikings of thule) , and I usually get 10-15k reach (small). AS I am looking for larger reach 100K+.

Can someone please explain the interest targeting on FB? how does the logic work?

If I target "interest: Games", does this mean only users that have "games" in their profile will see the ads? I would like to understand the logic so I can target my demographic players more precisely.

Perhaps other affiliates can use your answers as a future guide.

All the Best,

User Comment:
no it’s different on fb..the keywords are basically the likes of the users.. so if you add for example "farmville" as a keyword you will target every fb user that likes/clicked like on the farmville page/game… it?

User Comment:
you need to group many game titles together then reduce them to find what works. otherwise ur target population is too small and you may not get any traffic.

after that it comes down to changing image and copy to increase CTR & CVR

oh and payout bumps help A LOT!


The Article Published IN 07-29-2011 11:22 PM

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