FB or POF?

Just getting going and I have done FB before and made some cash on EWA…but it fizzled out and that was like 2 years ago. I heard it is brutal to get cheap clicks on FB. That is unless you send them to an internal fan page…maybe? I dunno I just need to pick one and go. I am not afraid of spending money on clicks – I just don’t want to do it without some thought going on behind it. I will be using EWA since I know them and they pay on time. Any ideas would be cool…Thanks!

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I wouldn’t say its brutal to get cheap clicks outside of fan pages, but most affiliates can’t figure out how to make any money without a news presell and getting dr oz and mom makes $3750 ads and images approved. I would say that it’s work, but facebook is unreal traffic, POF is very limited in comparison.

What the fuck do I know besides what’s best for me but there are really only like 3 core rules that allowed me to make some serious cash over the years and one of them has always been:

master one traffic source, the biggest one, ignore all others.

For some people here this might sound hard to believe but you can make millions or god forbid hundreds of thousands of dollars every year running offers that aren’t fucking diet pills, bizopps, skin and other bullshit. It’s certainly easier to do it with fucking diet pills bizopps skin and other bullshit but the end is nigh and I think we can all see that. Maybe not the end, but certainly a long cool off period unless you’d like to have your bank card denied at Starbucks one day because the FTC decided to seize your bank accounts.

Nothing against POF, or Trafficvance or any of the other more popular networks of conversation here but why bother spending valuable hours and money on anything but the one that has basically unlimited traffic? Don’t get me wrong, facebook is one of the most frustrating traffic sources in the world, especially in comparison to something like POF but that’s a good thing, because there are always countless ways to beat the system and most affiliates throw their hands up and quit which makes it all the more lucrative for those that stick it out and learn to work within their arguably very complex set of rules and contradictions.

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For me facebook is easy, pulling near 2% CTRs, leveling around 1% CTR’s on ads with 700k~ demos is’nt too hard; like i’ve got it down to a science; but I’ve been creating my OWN offers that attack fresh niches I haven’t yet drained but see potential. I love facebook. Been through many, many accounts; major roadblock that you better prepare to overcome. I’ve been trying to pick up on Leadimpact, sitescout, but nothing compares to the inventory. I don’t feel like I’ll find a better traffic source right now. It sucks how hard things are getting on FB and I know I NEED to diversify, but while finding profitable campaigns, have always had trouble scaling. I know what to do I supposeeee, just need the initiative. Me and my friend have made small fortunes off of facebook, and have experimiented with POF, LI, Sitescout, media buying, adwords, adcenter, myads; While most the PPC seem pretty similar and easy to master, facebook is by far the easiest to kill it with.. I’m honestly suprised at how easy it’s been for me to make so much, reading what some people say on here about being in the game some 2 years and just reaching first 1k day… When i’ve done far better and just stepped into the arena 2 months ago, not even knowing what PPV MEANT, and being happy with x,xxx in the bank.

A bit buzzed on hennessey right now lol, sorry if i’m loopy, but i don’t think i was;

TL;DR: I say facebook is more lucrative by many, many times. It’s just if you can perservere the constant bans. Easy as hell to master, and all the info is on this forum.

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I’m still very partial to Facebook; the traffic on PoF is great and the targeting is even better – but the volume is way too low in comparison. Too little international reach too.

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Ok for the FB fans…are you running CPA offers?
Are you direct linking?


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This is something I want to know as well. Just was reading through the 40day guide for noobs and the 2 traffic sources talked about were FB and PPV.

But I’m searching through the case studies and follow along threads here and I see that most are POF related. Hard to find much FB ones?

So let’s say if I plan to do dating, should I go with FB or POF? I’m looking at CPA offers outside US though.

Should I be going for volume or targeting? Considering this will be my first campaign.

I’m thinking of FB since it was in the guide but answers from more experienced marketers will be great.

*Hope I’m not hijacking your thread CZ, just felt our questions were similar so didn’t want to open a duplicate thread! I can move it if you want

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Originally Posted by MJDUB

….For me facebook is easy, pulling near 2% CTRs, leveling around 1% CTR’s on ads with 700k~ demos is’nt too hard;……

ummm callin’ you out on this one….only real way I can see that being done is via fan pages and those aren’t real CTR’s its a mix of likes and clicks….

and one would ask if its that easy for you to do that….why move away?….unless of course what you are doing to get those CTR’s is questionable….in FB’s eyes…..

but please make me eat my words….and enlighten me….

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Yes I use pages to pull CTR’s like that; didn’t know the CTR was different than direct linking. And yes FB bans me pretty regularly, which is why i was maybe hoping to hone my skills on another traffic source and make monies elsewhere, where I don’t have to worry about constant bannage. If you want a screenshot from an offer that I just started with only 3 ad copies, and i’ve gotten the one down to 2 cents a click average CPC and running to my own coreg path instead of a network. Actually watching your video about setting up tracking with p202 as we speak

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@sdevi…no worries.
So FB campaigns should use
1.) direct linking
2.) your own landing pages?

Sending people to a FB page for a CPA is kinda retarded (IMHO). Pages are best for "relationship" marketing. A good example would be someone offering a product or service
that offers REAL VALUE to the customer and has back-end offers and additional products to sell. To me CPA is like a "one and done" as far as I am concerned.
Yes, you can build a list using the "workhorse method" (build an email list and selling them up on other offers via emails)…that is just not good for most CPA offers.


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Well CZ, from what I’ve been reading around the STM forum and the 40 day STM guide, FB campaigns are usually direct linking cpa offers which I think I’m also going to try for my first campaign. Someone more experienced, please correct me if I’m wrong but that seems to be the general feel I get reading the threads.

And from what I’ve gathered from the responses…. FB or POF… seems like there’s more leaning to FB.

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Just to clarify the 40 day guide -> PoF was on the list as 3rd traffic source. Reason why we went with Facebook and PPV is that its more flexible regarding the type of offer you can get to work. Dating works on PoF. I know other types of campaigns work as well, but the majority is still dating in my experience.

Also –

PoF has considerably more targeting options then Facebook (demographics wise) and therefore added complexity.

Lastly – Facebook has more traffic.


PoF is a great place to start as well. Key is to look at the guides here, check out the follow alongs, and then go and create a bunch of campaigns for 30 days.

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When you guys say create 3 campaigns a day for 30 days are you guys saying 3 diff offers per day for 30 days? And if you’re doing 3 per day im guessing you would be spending around $100 to $200 per day then right? And was there a reason why you guys left out media buying in the 40 day guide?

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