FB Scaling/Longevity – How Are You Doing It?

Hi Guys,

So I’ve had a few successful FB campaigns since starting a few months back, but I know with 100% certainty that I left money on the table. Basically a couple of my early int’l dating campaigns hit profit, I got rid of shitty ads, and had a couple left that had high ctr, low cpc, and good cr.

Now that is where I left it. I let it run until it started drying up and ROI started going down. Over the past 2 months I’ve had nothing but failed campaigns. Some were disasters, but most were just subpar, couldn’t get profitable, etc.

So here I am, working on a new niche for me, and I have a campaign that’s almost breaking even. I see potential, I have new tracking setup and I’m optimizing as we speak.

Now once I get everything cleaned up and pause all the bad ads, let’s say I’m in the black. At this point I have a new challenge. I want to:

A. Ensure I continue to milk this, so pause ads as blindness kicks in and bring in new high ctr, high cr ads.
B. Split test new variables to improve ROI (i.e. headlines, body copy, LP’s, etc)

For finding new high-ctr ads and such to rotate in, would you typically test a separate campaign, and then when you find the good ones, re-create them in your active profitible campaign? I’m assuming this is the case, rather than testing ads in the campaign that you have optimized.

For split testing the other variables, I’m assuming you take the good ads recreate them in a new test campaign, and make the changes. And continue doing this in your test campaign until you find the winners, then recreate those in the live, profitible campaign?

Is this how most of you are doing it? Am I over-complicating things? It seems to me that keeping your good, profitible campaign free of the test junk once it’s kicking is what you want, then you just introduce the newly tested, successful ads.

Sorry for the long post, I ramble sometimes.

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I am having issues with this also, i saturated my market, now I can’t get a good image up there to save my life!

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How big are the demographics you are targeting?

Also I’d like to point out that when I have reviewed some peoples FB campaigns they say they have 20-50 ad "variations". They are variations but they are extremely minimal which is good to a point. If you want to hit the juicy CTRs which will give you the juicy ROIs you need to start testing some left field ads, something completely different.

If you are cautious about optimizing a 10% ROI campaign you won’t be able to keep up with saturation levels.

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I find the initial ad CTR needs to be over 0.30% at a minimum for the CPC to go lower. After the initial blast if your CTR holds up you can get 0.05c clicks and a shitload of them as long as people keep clicking your ads. Most images/ads tend to die after 2-3 weeks.
Rotate images and repeat.

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@Mr Green: My present campaign is just under 700k, this is a gaming offer targeting keywords for similar games. I can see your point on the variations. This campaign requires advertiser approval and they rejected a ton of ads that weren’t in-game images or game art, so I just worked on popping those images, adding some text, etc. 10% ROI is pretty poopy, but to be honest at this point, I’ll settle for that, I’ve been on a bit of a losing streak and any win will do. If I can keep CR’s fairly stable and get my CPC below $0.20, I should be getting decent to good ROI…

@Harry: Yeah, presently the ads hit an initial .4-.8% after about 500-1k impressions and a few clicks, but once FB really starts showing them, they’ve dropped to .12-.18 after ~30k impressions and ~70 clicks or so.

I’ll try getting more creative with the images to see what they let through, but ultimately when I do that, and after the 2-3 weeks when I want rotate in new ads, would you both recommend I test the new images/ads in a separate campaign then take the winners and kick them off in my active campaign? That seems like the logical choice.

Thanks again for the input. This forum rocks! I’d go so far as to say it’s actually bursting with fruit flavor!

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Originally Posted by sith005

This forum rocks! I’d go so far as to say it’s actually bursting with fruit flavor!

"taste the difference" is the quote going on the baby-doll T’s….that heavyT and I will be wearing at ASE…..per Mr. Greens request

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