First attempt at a campaign…problems getting it started.

I am new to the affiliate marketing scene and have spent the last two weeks or so reading and learning as much as possible. Today I decided to just try a campaign out despite not knowing that much. I don’t have great expectations of profit, but at the least I will learn something and gain some experience.

I am still waiting to be approved by a bunch of affiliate networks so my options as far as offers are a bit limited. I decided to try an acne offer and advertise on Facebook.

I found some unique/slightly weird images related to acne, then looked up the demographics that visited sites like etc. Majority of the visitors were older females around 30-55.

So I broke my campaign into ads that targeted the following:

  • Females, 25-34
  • Females 34-44
  • Females, 44-54

I started with 4 different images for each group.

The problem came when I tried to get the ads approved. None went through as a result of a bad url. First I tried the link that tracking202 gave me. Didnt work. Then I took a domain I have and had it redirect to the tracking202 url and tried that. Didnt work. Finally I just tried to have the domain redirect to my affiliate offer url. That didnt work either.

Maybe these were dumb actions and maybe this is a dumb question…but what do I have to do to get a url that will be approved?

Also another unrelated question I have concerns the size of my demographics. There was 20-30 million in each group…which is probably way to big. Should I be targeting specific cities or keywords as well in order to reduce the number of people the ads reach?

I can post the pictures I used and the title/ad text if this will help.

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man thats a whole lotta questions…..

but on the fb issue go here…. before you try to get anything approved on FB put the end url in there and see what comes back….

as far as the other question is concerned…..i would post a follow along…

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Ok I can simplify it. My main question is this:

What do I need to do to get my urls approved by Facebook?

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Originally Posted by langaroo

Ok I can simplify it. My main question is this:

What do I need to do to get my urls approved by Facebook?

Ok maybe I wasnt quite clear in my post…..but


if the site is red….or has a poor rating there is nothing you can do..fb wont approve it….the only way you could get it on fb is with a lp…..

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