First PPV campaign…url targeting

OK so I got my first PPV campaign up last night and have a some questions!

So i’m decided to do a Rachael Ray Free Cookware zip submit on LI split between direct linking and my LP, I set the campaign to $50 spend and that had been wiped out in 6 hrs by the time I woke up for only 1 conversion ooops! I had something like 4000 url’s, this is way too many right?.

I think most of my questions relate to targeting URL’s….roughly how many URL’s should I be using in initial testing on a submit campaign? I know it’s a straight forward approach but for my first campaign i just want to get the approach somewhat correct so… for eg. should I target strictly rachael ray targeted KW’s and scrape URL’s from these or would you look broader at cooking, cookware, kitchenware KW’s or is this probably going too general?

thx guys

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Hey dude,

Are you in the newbie competition or you are just making this campaign on your own?

Initial testing I’d keep with 10-20 keep it tight, get results, then move forward. I would definitely start with the obvious Rachael ray keywords and URLs. Once you have your lander sorted then you can go onto cooking targets etc.

Good luck man!

P.S. love your sig.

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nah not in the comp, flyin solo……to much info to process and learn right now!

sweet, i’ll tighten it right up while testing from now on

cheers Mr Green!

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Good luck man!

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