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Hey there, I have looked through couple of your follow along campaigns.
Now i thought to get to it and to create my own campaign.
It’s my first FB-campaign, actually it`s my first Internet Marketing campaign ever so i’m a total rookie and i’d be glad to get some interesting feedback of you.

Platform: Facebook Ads
Niche: Gaming MMORPG
Network: EWA
Campaign: Wizard101
Payout: $1.2

Tracking: CPVLab
Demographics: Male/Female 13-17 for NZ(New Zealand)

At the end of the post i’ve attached my campaigns and their results.

Now i would like to know if you have any suggestions on how to improve the campaigns?

Also if you guys dont mind there are a couple more questions that are going through my mind, and I’d be really happy if someone can help out a little:

1.How many people should i target in the beginning and how long can i run it.

2.How specific should i target?

3.How high should my bid be in the beginning and when should i start to lower it.

4.How can i find out about the demographics of my audience, i tried the demographics report on facebook but it doesn’t seem to work.

5.What should I write in the body section If i have a picture and title that is out of content? Should the body be content related or does that even matter?

6. How to improve CTR?

7. In what kind of niche should rookie like me be starting?
For instance dating or games..etc.? What’s easier to start with?

Also, for some reason estimated reach calculator of FB often doesn’t work.
Is that a common problem and if so do you have a solution for this?

@d3so i used your Selena Gomez angle in New Zealand i hope you don’t mind,
if you do, i’ll gladly take it down and try something different. ( Just made it easier for me to get started )

PS: How can i upload the pics directly into the post?

The Article Published IN 08-26-2011 02:48 PM

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