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Hey guys,

I’m def. in for a contest!

Platform: Facebook Ads
Budget: total $200
Niche: Gaming MMORPG
Network: EWA, WSM
campaign: Shaiya (to begin with).
Payout: $1.60
Tracking: P202 (DI)

I’ll be using 30-40 pictures that was profitable for me 1 year ago + some new ones, will upload them later. My ad title, ad copy and target are all the same.

Sex: Males
Age: 18-22 and 23-25
Reach: 278,500
Suggested: $0.33-$0.50

There’s my demo.

Later I’m gonna try borders, more crazy images, landing pages and also use KW targeting.

Appreciate every suggestion and will try to answer any question(s) you got!


The Article Published IN 08-06-2011 10:23 AM

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