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I’ve had a funded balance still remaining from about a year ago in MediaTraffic so I thought I would setup a quick direct linking campaign on Coupons to get my feet wet with the process again.

I’ve posted a screen shot of the keywords and stats below.

Here are the campaign stats:

Views: 858
Leads: 2
Spend: $19.32
Rev: $1.60
Net: -$17.72
ROI: -91.7%
CR: .23%

Rotated through 3 different offers on 2 different networks. The 1 offer that converted both times had an $.80 payout.

This was a simple redirect but thoughts and feedback are welcome.

User Comment:
What offer were you running?

Honestly the quality of MT has been if free fall lately for me.

You should give it a go on other networks and maybe with a landing page this time.

User Comment:
Cool savings 1339 from c2m. I tested 3 offers in total.

I just got a couple campaigns approved on LI yesterday, I’ll post the results in a different thread.. I am focusing on LI for now since from what I read on here there is a little more traffic volume.. but still have an old balance of about $50 in both Adon and MT. So I’m just putting up random things.

I have a question about direct linking, I was direct linking on MT mostly because the offers show fully on it, figured it would help me atleast find a converting offer but I can never get much volume with MT when not targeting large domains.

On LI, when direct linking, do I need to find offers that show the optin box, etc in the pop up window or just stick any offer in there, whether the traffic has to scroll or not?

The Article Published IN 07-20-2011 07:54 AM

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