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Hey Everyone,

I am starting this late but I figure why not. I am fairly new to this so I welcome all feedback.

Offer: Rappelz
Payout: $1.00 US
Network: Motive Interactive
Budget: $200

How did I choose this offer?
I checked out some other game offers but this one looked pretty cool. I checked with my AM who said this was doing well and set me up with a couple of other offers. Looking forward to run with those after I make this one profitable….

I checked out the google ad planner for some demographic info. Age range is 0-34. Gender is 60% female, 40% male.

I used to rip the creative. Yes, I know everyone says games work better as a direct link but unless I’m missing something I can’t get demographic info as I can with a fanpage. My ads will hit the ‘welcome’ iframe tab.

Here’s my fanpage:…05425859513209

For guys I’m targeting try to target asian guys, like guys who like Yao Ming or anime.
For girls, I’m targeting based on powerful women like Pink.

Here are some of my ads.

User Comment:
yes u can easily get demographic data in your reports DL on FB.

look in the reports section or help or GOOGLE IT!


User Comment:
I find it intersting that by writing down the things that I’m doing to make this offer work, I see how all over the place I am. So I have regrouped and have read everyone’s threads in this contest for inspiration.

– I’ve decided to do the plain an simple targeting of other mmorpg games. I went to wikipedia and it gave me a list of games. Wikipedia’s list showed games that were free and had a subscription. I figure if people are willing to pay 9+ bucks a month, they are will to click on my link to play for free.
– I am currenly testing 2 types of targeting. One is only targeting WOW and the other is targeting a bunch of other mmorpg’s.
– I am currently doing direct linking as the lander for the game looks good.
– I researched the game. I used some of the character info in my body copy.
– I’m testing images. I’ve used cutie closeup of characters and gameplay images. People seem to like gameplay images better.
– I’ve paused ads that don’t work.

Current Spend: $30
Total Convertions: 1 @ $1.50

Tomorrow (hopefully) when the ad demographic data is poplulated. I will update my campains based on that data to improve my targeting. (Thanks phoenix)

Here’s a sample of my image that got some ctr and a shot of my stats.

My CPM is high at .35 but my age range is broad. So one I have that demographic data, I will laser target to the age ranges that are converting. Hopefully that will increase my ctr to .2+.

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