Follow Along Facebook international dating. Italian anyone?

I’m trying a international dating offer for Italy. The payout is $3.10 per lead and I’m using a landing page. As they don’t allow direct linking for this offer on facebook. Ran the offer with the following results:
Spent $40
Made $27.90
Profit/loss -$12.10

Facebook Clicks 103
Landing page clicks 49 with 9 conversions

Facebook demographics
This ad targets 723,460 users
who live in Italy
between the ages of 25 and 34 inclusive
who are male
who are single

My best ctr was: 0.138%. Yes not great, so I’ll have to try some new images.

Landing page shown below. It is probably a bit big.. Hence the two screen shots.

If anyone knows Italian, perhaps they could look at my landing page and make sure the wording is correct. I had it done by one hour translation, so it should be good to go..

I welcome any constructive criticism..
Thanks for your time

User Comment:
think your lander didn’t post man.

not a bad start though you can probably profit on this. I would break that age group up to 25-29 and 30-34 those two over and under 30 groups usually convert way different for me. Sometimes 25-29 kills it and others its the 30+

work on shooting for a .2% CTR and you should be able to really drive down your CPC’s

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EDIT: my bad didn’t see the link in there.

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ok thanks for the feedback. I added thumbnails of my landing page. It’s a bit long and should probably chop it up some.

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Your clicks are approx 30cents now right? Try to get them down to 15-20 cents. 30cent might be hard to retain longtem profits.

Also if your able to try ages 35 – 45, they do convert better.

I can’t read Italian but my landing page suggestions are:
– The same call to action button in both the middle and bottom. It looks like 2 diff ones.
– More amateur style landing page (maybe remove the girl at the top)
– Add ‘online’ and the locations to the images of the girls, and don’t show face shots for all of them.

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thanks for the feedback. You provided a number of good suggestions. My bad, should have done those things earlier.

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The girls look like models, way too "perfect" for a dating site. Use amateur images instead, preferably of girls with big boobs (without obviously making it look like an adult LP). Personally, I’d even use an image or two of ugly girls Looks more real that way.

User Comment:
Hey hit me up and I will help you with your Italian.

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