Follow Along Follow allong – lifepow round 2 on PPV

Follow Along Follow allong – lifepow round 2 on PPV

So now i have a better setup then when i first started.

– I have vps hosting (i will never use shared hostagator again – for cpv i mean)
– i’m not doing the newbie mistakes (not rezing the window after the viewer clicks,not checking how my popoup look on aff expert tools)
– i started out with only 20 targets – only urls this time – if this works and i need to scale i will try kw as well
– i have chosen my url with some logic by using quantcast just to get a broad ideea of my demo and not targeting only 13 years olds.Why i say logic (i will scrape urls but only after i see some conversions so i know what i should scrape – so i can stay related to my target audience – as much as i can)
– i have build my landing page simple (i mean just changed 1 tiny thing from the offer page and added audio – i will build others and spilt test)
– downside is that i can’t find the offer on other networks
– i have chosen an offer that is trending right now – it’s in the start of 2 month predicted lifetime and i hope to bank hard off it

Here is a screenshot of 2 days in :

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i have added more targets related to the ones that converted – and i have now 67 urls. Some of them they may not get much traffic but some of the domain variations of the converted ones i’m sure will double the tarffic.

I will spend 2x payout per target

but i will remove the target if it hits the 1x payout and gets no clicks
and remove it after 2x payout if it gets clicks but no conversions.

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Good stuff , looks like you learned a ton of stuff from the first time.

This campaign shows some potential.

Try adding an alert box when users enter the page and try to "presell" them by giving instructions what they need to do.

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good advice – i was really thinking about adding that – i will go and buy that plugin for 5 $. Only the audio increased my ctr to 50%. yeah i know i don’t have to much data but audio did help because the viewer knows that sound verry well . it’s the theme song of the brand .I made just 5 seconds off it.

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Day 3 Stats

-added more targets

-i started to bid on domain variations of the converting targets to get traffic as i have 4 competitors on some urls

-removed some off the targets that hit 2x payout and no conversions and 1x payout and no clicks

-could not get the 2 landing pages up by friday so i will have to wait until monday

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What do you mean when you say ‘not resizing the window after viewer clicks’? I think this is a newbie mistake I’m making.

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the landing page gets the view in 775×400 on lead impact , but when the user clicks and goes to the offer it will get maximized in to a full window.Here is the link to the post that explains how to do it…ndow-%28PPV%29.

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Oh wow. thanks…I need to implement that for sure.

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Until now i was asking myself how i can get out off the red with my campaing and now i worry about Over the norm CR (today i got 45% CR on the network) -the leads got accepted but will they continue to get accepted if i go like this.???

Now i will post some updates:

I’ve run my campaign for 7 days now and i had ONLY 1 offer.Now i got accepted in a network were they have my offer at a higher payout and it coverts 3x better than the other.

Not making a profit for six days in a row and they 7 day the green got to stick with me

– i split tested 4 landing pages(totatly diff landers)- with audio,no audio,with the java alert(did not improve conv for me and the clicks were the same – but i did not let it run more than a day)

So what i did is get the best performing landing page,make a clone of it and just add the link to the other offer that pays more and split test the 2 offers with the same exact landing page.
– i did remove some off non performing targets and i still have some to weed out

here are my total stats:

For Today 13/07/2011

Totals for 7 days:

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after i finished writing this post the r_lp_15 is at 300% ROI and 50% CR on the network.I run the other landing page r_lp3 just not to get 100% CR. j/k but this is somthing .Going from losing money to a 3x better by just changing the network.The others seem to scrub as hell.

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Hey this is a great follow-along but I can’t seem to see your images?

Originally Posted by lifepow

– i’m not doing the newbie mistakes (not rezing the window after the viewer clicks)

Wow I have profitable campaigns but I’m not even doing this, what
a newbie!

Gotta try it and see what it does for conversions

Keep going, good luck, I hope this turns into a profitable campaign
for you!

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