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ive been running real mature singles today, so i decided to create a follow along since im lose a ton of cash.

these are my targeting options:
Country = United States

Age Between 40, 45

Gender = Female

Login Count ≤

Smoking Habits = No

Browser Type ≠ iPhone, Android

but im also split testing it with the age grounps: 46-50, 51-55, and 56-60.

my ads are just amateur looking males, and the titles/descriptions being like:
{age:40+} and in {state:the USA}
Men seeking a {age:40+} year old woman. Join now!

and similar ads like that.

im getting around a .11% CTR on my ads, and im bidding around $0.80 for each ad group. any more recommendations? i am using a landing page and i made one that blends in with the actual offer. any other helpful suggestions or targetting options?

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i would drop smoking habits unless you know for a fact that non smokers convert better.

.1 and 80 cents is going to be tough to get profitable. you’re going to need at least .2 which will give you 40 cent clicks at an 80 cent bid.

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yeah i just dropped the smoking habits and added a < 20 session depth to all of my ad groups.

what do you suggest to get my CTR higher?

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or should i lower my bid? i didnt get much traffic when i lowered it to .70 before.

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you wont get much traffic if you bid lower. not for that demo. for a higher ctr you need better pics. that’s pretty much all you can do.

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Try using ad pictures with cleavage or big breasts (not freaky big!) when marketing to men on PoF.

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good way to get all your leads charged back with RMS is using cleavage / big breasts

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yeah i want to stay within guidelines. im waiting to get approved on ewa’s offer for RMS since it has a higher payout, but as of yday, i spent $90 and made $90 so i broke even. i killed the creatives that have less than a .2% CTR so ill see what happens.

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today ive spent $80 so far, and made $73. so in the negative. im bidding around .80-.90 for the 110x80s, and around $2.25-$2.50 for my 728’s….

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any1 got any more advice? im barely breaking even per day. im getting a good amount of clicks and my CR is around 10%.

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I used to run this on Facebook, never bothered with a lander as it converted great direct linked. Targetting Women only the conversions were much higher in the 40-46 range. That offer on Epic was 2 tier, ie. a higher payout for over $50K earners if I remember correctly. Image wise (if you ignore the approved creatives issue) the ‘rugged’ look did better, workmen types, stubble, hats etc. Like I say, that was on Facebook though.

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hmm…i havent tried it without a landing page. i might have to give that a shot. these are the 2 landers i was using

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keep working on your ad CTR but .2% is pretty decent on 110x80s. for 728s I would shoot for a much higher CTR if your bidding that much.

Those landers look pretty good, but if the conversion rates are only 10% I would either
1.test a new style lander, okay to match the offer in color but maybe try something a little uglier (you’d be surprised)
2. As you have already stated test the offer on another network especially if there is a potential pay bump
3.test another similar offer.

I think your right there and getting things to work just go through the different parts of the camp: targeting, ads, landing page, offer and see where you can optimize/trim the fat.

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I think I’m going to test some ugly landers. I keep seeing the same style landers on the spy tool that look…unfinished or something. Worth a shot. You have great tips sir.

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thanks.. a little additional advice is that when I say ugly landers one thing i mean is to put the focus on sales copy over profiles.

the above landers look great and if a user visits the page and has any interest in one of the guys on that page there is a good chance they will sign up to see that profile. But if they are NOT interested then there really isn’t a ton of sales copy there to convince them.

If you want to test a lander def test out bold and easy to read sales copy, highlight features, tell them what they’ll get, and show them the "success" test pics of happy couples that match the demo vs singles that match the offer.

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yeah im going to make another version with no profile pics or anything, just have a married couple in the background (instead of the white space) and have a sales pitch over it.

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btw, here is another one im running for now.

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should i try possible removing the session depth? right now its set at <20, and my login count set at < 50

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also, here is 2 more landing pages i have created. havent ran them yet tho.

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