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Im in!

Platform: Facebook Ads
Budget: total $200 and $15 per day until 08.18.11
Niche: Gaming MMORPG
Network: EWA
campaign: 4story (DE,CH,AT)
Payout: $1.45
Tracking: Manually (dunno how to setup FB in cpvlabyet)

Uploaded 3 campaigns (age 1414, 15-15, 16-16)
Same 5 images
Same two titles
Males only

= 30 ads total
= $5 per day per campaign

audience: ca. 200k
suggested bid: $0.89 – 1.65 USD
my bid: 0.75

audience: ca. 200k
suggested bid: $0.73 – 1.26 USD
my bid: 0.75

audience: ca. 200k
suggested bid: $0.73 – 1.38 USD
my bid: 0.75

any advices welcome and thanks

User Comment:
for purpose of the contest it may not matter but keep in mind most advertisers aren’t going to like you only targeting ages that low.. (unless your mixing them in with older demos that are 18+)

focus on building a positive ROI but something to think about if you want to scale.

User Comment:
thank you @scotchsales

I went through all other follow along campaigns and concluded:
– don’t target only <18
– find an angle & connect to your audience
– get some data, you won’t get data with $5/day if you spend $1/click
– females like gaming, too

which made me create the following ads:

This ad targets 324,660 users:
who live in Germany
exactly between the ages of 14 and 24 inclusive
who like bushido*
who speak German
Suggested Bid: $0.70 – 1.24 USD
My bid 0.75, ad spend $15/day

* bushido is a german rap artist. headlines of my ads are song titles, e.g. (transl.) "Firestorm & Blue Light", "The One Man Army", "Fight Like a Lion" etc.

btw. is there a guide for fb ads tracking in cpvlab?

edit: holy cow, approved within minutes…

User Comment:
thanks to @ppvnewbie i can now track with cpvlab. cool! therefore i had to reupload the campaign.

i’ll try to bait & switch as i had some issues with geotargetting (see…ying-crap-link…)

facebook & cpvlab:
– go to settings >> add cpv network
– create a new network "Facebook" and enter

source: facebook
sourceID: fb
Keyword Token: keyword
Append token: &keyword=EDIT

if you make a new direct linking campaign you will get a link like:


replace EDIT with your tracking id (e.g. …&keyword=w1-[subid]-[agemin]-[titlenum]-[sex]

User Comment:
small update:
– i paused all my ads on saturday since 4 out of 20 ads didn’t get aproved and I needed to bait&switch because of geotargeting
– on sunday I learned:

HTML Code:
$id = $_GET["id"];

if ($id == "") {
$id = "direct";

$link = "".$id;


<script language="JavaScript" src=""></script>
<script language="JavaScript">
var country= geoip_country_code();
if(country  == "DE"  country == "CH"  country == "AT") {
window.location = "<?php echo $link; ?>";

window.location = ""

– so i had to re-upload all my ads
– the ads got approved yesterday evening

I got 41 clicks, 0 conversions, average ctr is 0.031%


– i am now rotating 3 different offers (all with EWA)

and, oh, as i can see now… i f*cked up my tracking. so all my clicks were worthless. next time i’ll flush $15 down the toilet.

are there any suggestions for aff networks where I do not have to answer stupid phone calls and where people are actually interested in new affiliates?

User Comment:

– solved all tracking issues now
– all traffic goes to the same offer
– researched the demo with adplanner and adjusted targets
– added new creatives (in game and others based on my best image)
– added new titles/copy

– need more data, raising budget

User Comment:
Sounds like you are bound for success Keep at it

User Comment:
I pretty much fucked up in this contest… 🙂

spent, acc. to cpvlab: $ 310
spent, acc. to FB: $ 323

clicks, acc. to cpvlab: 781
clicks , acc. to FB: 982

conversions: 75
income: $ 172
roi: a fat minus $ 128

when I remove everything I consider "learning curve/learning cash" i’d have spent about 205 bucks and lost only $ 33 but this is sure fooling myself 😉


Offer: elsword, EWA, $ 2,3
Demo: Males from Germany, who speak german
Ages: 14-18, 19-23, 24-28, 29-48
Audience: 120k, 100k, 90k, 90k
Angle: Manga

akira, akira kurosawa, anime, animemanga, ayumi hamasaki, berserk, black cat white cat, bleach, chobits, cosplay, cowboy bebop, dbz, death note, deathnote, devil may cry, digimon, dir en grey, elfen lied, fantasy, final fantasy, flcl, fma, fruits basket, full metal alchemist, fullmetal alchemist, gackt, gazette, genesis, hana yori dango, hellsing, hunter x hunter, hyde, inuyasha, manga, mangas, miyavi, namie amuro, naruto, naruto shippuuden, neon, neon genesis evangelion, ninja scroll, nobuo uematsu, one piece, ouran high school host club, princess mononoke, rurouni kenshin, samurai champloo, trigun, utada hikaru, uverworld, vampire knight or x japan


Best Copy:
Das Manga MMORPG 2011!
Du und Deine magische Klinge gegen finstere Mchte und den Rest der Welt? Jetzt sofort KOSTENLOS mitspielen!

(The Manga MMORPG 2011)
(You and your magic blade versus dark powers and the rest of the world? play now for FREE!)



I was not able
– to raise my ctr over 0.08
– to lower my cpc under 0.33
– to set up everything without errors

I learned
– that a payout of $2,3 makes it difficult to create volume if you are not able to raise ctr and lower cpc
– how to rapid test offers
– how to track with cpvlab (installing it etc.)
– how to deal with geo redirects and facebook reviewers
– about the power of angles (-> dating vertical)
– to keep audience small but not too small 😉
– to send not only 14 y/o to an offer (but 14 y/o convert well!)
– that gut feeling is a bad thing
– that you should stop campaigns if you are getting ill
– that campaigns need daily treatment
– to research my audience and where to get data (but too late)
– to enjoy the ride even if I lose money 🙂

that’s about it. many mistakes I won’t make anymore.

thanks for following!

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