Follow Along My 1st email submit campaign

finally launching my 1st ppv campaign after take weeks to reading this forums.
offer: walmart email submit $1.50 direct linking (still get some questions on build own LP)
tracking: prosper202
PPV: leadimpact

day1 result:

Views : 700
Leads : 3
Revenue : $4.5
Spent : $10
NET : -$5.5

i have got many keywords(such like registrationpage) disapproved. LI told me "Keywords are not relevant to the landing page". so i add few more keywords and wait for approvel this time. and deactived the top2 views keyword. budget chagned from $10 to $15/day. if need more infos please lets me know. any comments welcome!

User Comment:
stopped this campaign. 4 days total spent $100 and got total 4 leads. $50 for direct link(4 leads) and $50 for lander(0 leads).
i have no idea what to do next step..still focus on email submit until get profit or quick out for other directories?
at least learned how to setting p202 and create campaign on leadimpact, build base lander… just walkthrough too slowly(nearly one month is over) and there is still a long way to go.

User Comment:
Walmart email submits have had a hard scrub on them lately, which network were you working with? Were you rotating email submits?

User Comment:
yes i use rotating. getads 3 leads and WSM 1 lead.

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