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Hi guys, I just need a bit of advice. I’m new to PPC marketing and thought i’d start with POF social marketing.

So I set up a email submit campaign with only 1 ad copy (I know that was silly, and after reading threads here its good to test with 5-10 ad copies at a time).

Anyway, I am targetting the canadian market to women aged 19 to 25. I’m using a landing page before the user is directed to click to go to the offer.

I ran the campaign for 1 day and got the following results:

Total Impressions:46,606
Total Clicks:27
Avg CTR:0.058%
Total Costs:$12.10

Email Submit Result:

Clicks Leads CR EPC Revenue
226 27.28 %$0.34 $7.50

Profit/Loss: – $4.60

So the questions I have:

Can this turn into a successful campaign?
What indicators do you use to determine weather you the campaign you are running can turn a profit?

Thanks for the help!

User Comment:
You made almost as much as you spent. That’s generally grounds for a successful test. You don’t need 5 to 10 ad copies, you need 5 to 10 images to start with per ad copy. I’d recommend starting with two ad copies. Mr Green refers to this as playing king of the hill, and it’s a good analogy. I prefer thinking of it as Thunderdome Testing – two ad copies enter, one ad copy leaves. If you’re lucky you get to meet Tina Turner.

So you run your two ad copies with 5 to 10 images per ad copy and see which images do best. Then you rotate out the losers and add more. Continue to do this until you have a clear idea of which ad does better, and pause the other ad entirely. Then bring in a new ad copy to compete against the previous winner. Rinse and repeat.

Any time you show a return on what you spend you have the possibility of tweeking the campaign to make a profit. Hell I’ve had campaigns where I made a total of 0% of what I spent back and still managed to stumble onto something that made a profit. You just need to continuously test new things. Images, ad copies, landing pages, whatever variables you can modify can potentially make a difference in your bottom line.

Keep at it and see where it goes. Even if it fails you’re only in the hole 12 bucks right now so you can afford to keep pushing if you want to.

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As Bil said, keep testing different variations. So you’re allowed to run Email Submits now on POF?

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Thanks for the advice.

Having a look at my ad copy, even I dont think its that great to be honest, and the CTR sucks, not even close to 0.1%+ which I want to achieve. I’ll have a go changing the images up too see if that helps the CTR and lower the eCPC. I’ll also add another ad copy so I can see the difference between the one i got currently and a new one.

Its a shame POF dont approve on the weekends, I guess i’ll have to wait until monday to continue testing.

I’ll keep this thread updated.

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Originally Posted by damnation

Its a shame POF dont approve on the weekends, I guess i’ll have to wait until monday to continue testing.

Submit more images! Yes, POF does approve ads on weekends. Hell, even holidays

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Originally Posted by machete

As Bil said, keep testing different variations. So you’re allowed to run Email Submits now on POF?

Well its based off a lander (not direct linked), so I’m guessing so. My ad was approved and is active. Although im not sure if it is against TOS lol.

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If you want to shoot me a PM I’d be happy to take a look at what you’re working with and give you some feedback. CTRs under .1% are crap. If you had a CTR between .1 and .2 you would have at least broke even, I bet. Anything above that would be where you want to be.

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How many impressions do you usually run at each ad copy before you decide which is King of the Hill?

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man looks like you actually did pretty good for such a quick test.. get a higher CTR like .1-.3% and you could have a real winner

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Targeting login count <50 should get your CTR >0.1%.

0.058% is a terrible CTR to be honest, and you’re already
making what you’re spending so it shouldn’t be hard to get
to profitability.

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Yeah I would be inetersted in how many Impressions are considered a good test yardstick on POF. Im running 5 campaigns today and USA, Canada and Ireland are already at 35k. Each campaign has 20 ads (10 images x 2 ad copies).

So for each add how many impressions should I test before deciding to keep or dump it? 1k, 10k, 30k or other figure?

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I generally use Mr Green’s PoF uploader to upload about 15 images with 2-3 sets of ad copy – but as the previous members have said – testing too many images and copy at the same time simply eats impressions before you get enough eyes on an ad to see if it works or not.

My personal rule of thumb is to let about 5 ads run at the same time, usually ones I either know have worked well before elsewhere or I have a gut instinct about. Because I have a fairly tight niche with high bidding, I’m happy to kill ads between 800-1500 impressions if they haven’t received a single click by then – (others may say that’s way to low, but I’ve not been wrong yet, even if I try running these ads again they never take off)….

If I have my login set at <50 I’m looking for a ctr of 0.2%+ (based on my offer converting between 15-20%- it’s all maths, higher ctr I get for guys of 0.3-0.4% allows me to bank with a lower cvr rate on the offer page and higher cnv for females means the ctr can be less for the ads) –

As soon as I have a looser, I pause it, and switch on an alternative – this could be an identical image that has already got a click or 2, but with a different headline, or something completely new.

One thing to bear in mind, 1 extra click between 800-1500 impressions makes a huge difference on the ctr – so don’t be too keen to kill ads when you start out – it takes a while to start to understand what your niche likes. My best one so far has been 3 impressions and 1 click… still trying to catch the elusive 1 impression/1 click ad and screenshot it for you guys…. (never start a campaign when you’re just off to bed – I watch mine like a hawk when I start a new batch of testing – there’s nothing worse than clicking on a campaign to see 1500 impressions on an ad that has received no clicks, that could have been directed testing other ads) – might only be a few bucks, but add that up over several ads, several ad groups for different ages etc…

I know Ben recommends about 5000 impressions before writing off an ad – again, the above is just me personally – but if your bidding high in a tight niche I find you can be more aggressive, and of course knowing what works from previous experience in that niche helps.

The biggest thing that changed when I started this game on PoF is not to presume anything – I’d messed with a few ‘obvious’ hot girls on PoF and was scrapping by with $20-30 a day profit – Then I just threw a curveball in the mix (some different images)- tired a weird angle and bang… jumped to a week or so of $400 profit days. It’s absolutely about finding images and a headline that get traffic to your offer – once you have traffic,you just need to find the offer that makes that traffic convert and pay.

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Have tested email submits on POF before and got them to work.

You need to do a lot of split testing to get them profitable. Spilt test the sexes and different age groups at 5 year intervals. Also check out the demo of the offer that you’re promoting for clues on which age/sex demo is likely to work.



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