Follow Along PoF Noob Here, Need Advice!

Hey stackers! After getting banned from FB ads Ive decided to dive into PoF and try it out. I’ll try to give as much campaign info as I can but I need your help!

PS: Yes, ive read all the main PoF starting threads: IE, Thread: What are the steps for optimising on pof? Thread: Make A POF Dating Campaign Profitable In 24hours Thread: Bank Roll This POF Campaign

The problem I see is that you guys don’t say much about what targeting options to use. And PoF has so many WTF?

Ok so, on with the show as they say.

The offer: Richmen
Landing Page: Yes
Tracking: Prosper202
Special Shit in ad copy: IE –

{gender:default} > Replaced by Male or Female
{age:default} > Replaced by exact age of the logged on user
{state:default} > Replaced by name of the state or province of the residence of user. (Works for UK users as well.)

Bulk Uploader tool: Mr. Green’s
Monies: 30$ to test starting out

Here are some screens from starting my campaign. Demographics targeting:

Ok so with that test I uploaded about 39 Images 5 Headlines & Ad Copy = 129 ads (roughly) Is That Ok or too much?

Also note in the image the difference between the approved ad & Disapproved ad. 90% of my ads were disapproved with that message, maybe 20% were approved and tested.

What can I do to improve my ad to get it approved, just throw a "sign up now!" at the end? Like…

Broke Girls Wanted! – Our _California_ members are just begging for women like you to pamper! Completely free, sign up now!

Something like that? Or could I put – click here now! – join now – free to join / free 2 join

I guess my question is: Whats accepted and whats not accepted? Can Ben or anyone else help me think of better ways to word my copy or am I already on the right track?

Are generic images Of Guys ok or would you try something else?

Last thing is targeting, what should I try for login count and session depth? I have no freaking clue!

Any advice on this campaign would be greatly appreciated! thanks.

User Comment:
Yeah, you need a call to action like "Sign up" or "Join now". Without that, the "our {state:default} members" part of your ad copy sounds like it’s one of POF’s own ads.

Also, you need to refine your targeting to match your ad copy. Quantcast is a great starting point, but don’t use that are you be all end all. Test Since your angle seems to be about broke women, why are you targeting heavy women and targeting specific ethnicities and religions?

If you want to stick to that angle, I’d get rid of the body type, religion, and ethnicity targeting. Also, with the marital status, include Separated and Widowed as well. Then maybe try something with a low session depth of <30 and low login count like <50, as those demos are more likely to click ads and convert.

Of course, the only way to see if this works out is to try it! And with the ages, split them up into 5 year age groups, like 25-29, 30-34, etc.

I’d also raise your CPM if you’re going for a low login count. Can’t really give you an exact number though, as it depends on your targeting. Just gotta play around with it and find a sweet spot.

As for your images, just test a bunch of them. That’s really the only way you’ll find out what works. Yeah, I keep saying "test" haha…keep testing fresh creatives, not the ones you see all the time as those will burn out really quick.

With the number of ads you’re submitting per campaign, it depends on how big your demographic is. I’d submit all my images at once, then pause some until my creatives get the impressions I need at a good speed. Maybe stick to only 2 or 3 different ad copy variations to start and 10-15 images at a time? Once again, it depends on your demo size.

User Comment:
1) Some of your targeting seems a little tight for no reason, like the religion, body type and race settings. I’d get rid of them.
2) Your age range is too wide, narrow that down into 3-5 year groups and make several campaigns to cover them all. Also, I’d start around 25 and work to 35, as thats the range that advertiser wants anyway, and it will keep your quality up.
3) You’re missing the only targeting I’d suggest you use, which is session depth and login count. Try a session depth <30 for females, and a login count <100 to start with.
4) Your bid is a bit low, you’re not going to get high quality traffic at that range – you’re in the lower end of what I’d run for bulk, low converting traffic in the US. Try up around 55 or 60 cents to start. It’s better to spend more per thousand and get higher quality (which brings about more conversions) and get less impressions for your budget, than it is to get a ton of impressions for your budget but have it all be crap traffic that doesn’t convert.
5) You need more ad copies. The two texts are fine, try about 5 images for each one. Then rotate the ones out that don’t work, bring in new ones, etc. You constantly need to evolve.

User Comment:
Ahh thanks there are some of the tips I needed! I have new ads ready to go!! Is it wise to launch campaigns on the weekends though? I might wait till Monday!

User Comment:
There’s more volume on the weekends – Sundays are huge for some people – but if you’re bidding low and not doing a lot of volume it’s probably not worth it. I’d submit them, get them approved, pause them and then start them up late sunday night and let them run through the week.

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Ok guys here are some of my CTRs with the demographics you both have suggested AGES 18-34. Should I keep this going or pause it? Ive almost spent 20$ and haven’t got a conversion yet (going to have to check for sure) Payout on offer is 3.25

Correction / I did get a conversion, heres my WSM stats.

User Comment:
Here’s a yardstick that will help you a lot in assessing the success or otherwise of your campaigns.

For EACH ad you need about 5,000 impressions in order to make a statistically valid assessment of the CTR and ROI performance of it.

Many advertisers seem to aim for a CTR of around 0.1% or above (but consider also ROI as an ad with 0.08% could give you good ROI too). You see at only 1,000 impressions just ONE click will have a CTR of 0.1%. But after 5,000 impressions that ONE click is only 0.02% CTR. Meaning more clicks gives you more statistically relevant data to work on. This minimises the random clicks you may get in your figures.

So when I start a series of campaigns and I’m figuring how many images and copies to test (ie number of ads per campaign), I base it on how much Im willing to test for the whole deal if each ad needs around 5,000 impressions before continuing it or culling it.

At lets say $0.30 CPM a 5k test will cost you $1.50 per ad. Then $0.50 CPM is $2.50, and $1 CPM is $5 per ad.

So if your campaigns contains, lets say, 5 images x 2 ad copies = 10 ads; at $0.50 CPM that campaign will cost you around $25 to test. So lets say for a dating offer with 5 years age splits 18/20yo right up to 59yo that will be 8 campaigns x $25 = $200 for the test.

Follow me. By doing this cost anaylsis at the start, and looking at what you’re willing to test and risk, will help in the design and scope of your offer campaigns. And hopefully may answer a few of your questions above.


User Comment:
When testing a lot of images, do you always let them run to 5000? how about an ad that has 1000 impressions and 0 clicks or 2000 impressions with 1 click? do you cut them or let them run to 5000 anyway?

User Comment: is too saturated on PoF. lol

User Comment:
I thought the same thing. Everyone is running richmen. You gotta hit some weird demos or use some odd angles to get it to stick.

User Comment:
Hey guys sorry for the lack of updates on this. I tried with the exact demographics as you guys suggested and for login count it was <50 then I tried <100 and even <500 and still not that many clicks to any of my images.

they got over .130 ctr most of the time but only ended up with 3-5 clicks per 1000 impressions. For this test I only let each ad get up to about 1000 impressions because I had about 25-30 out of my 70-80 that were getting clicks

Lost 30$ testing age groups 18-24 and then 25-31 and lost 30$ only a couple more conversions but over all still lost the 60$! I guess it never hurts to test though and get a feel for PoF.

What is good to run on PoF these days? Dating works well on PoF but what else?
or maybe I should just go over to lead impact you guys have some nice PPV guides.

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