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Okay decided to participate in the contest. Should be fun and why not it’ll force me to focus on 1 project for a little bit (even though i have plenty of others waiting to be finished whoops)

:Shaiya, IMVU, + More to come
Networks: A4D, EWA, PKM
Countries: US only for now but plans for testing in UK, and other countries after more research is done.

Day 1 Progress:

No ads launched yet.

Offer Selection
After taking some time to look through the list of possible offers to run I noticed a few things.
– Plenty of offers to run, but the ones that allow social is much more limited.

– A lot of these games require that you use stock creatives or have them approved by the advertiser. This will make the process slower.

-submitted some ads for both Shaiya and IMVU just waiting on the word (don’t have my laptop right now so i’ll post some example creatives later)

Offer Research
I’ve never tried to promote any MMORPG stuff (i prefer puzzle games to old ladies lol) and I’m not a gamer. Hell i don’t even have a TV.

First thing i did was go to quantcast and start entering some MMORPG sites to find similar sites and targets.

Findings: As expected typical gamer demo. Teenagers 13-17 and 18-25 crowd. Although according to quantcast there is a significant female user base interesting

related sites were as expected, and other gaming sites. Going to be peeping out a few forums and reading some reviews to find best features to highlight.

My plan is going to be to attack the usual gamer demo, but i may try a few angles to find a less saturated market.

Emailed a gamer friend or two to get them to give me some feedback and opinons since my perspective on this is probably no where near the target demos.

(last rpg i played was probably earth bound on super nintendo lol)

I’m sure the biggest factor in the success of this campaign is going to be in the ad copy/creative department. So i’ll be trying out quite a few effects in photo shop to scream for the users attention. All ads will be direct linked for now.

thats all for today hopefully i’ll have some approved creatives to run soon and i can start building some campaigns.

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Ya adcopy can slow the process down a bit…..but most are pretty quick I would just setup the ads and then send my am a screen shot…..get 2 approvals at once kinda thing….

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yeah well my AM said some actually didn’t need an approval after all but i wasn’t ready to launch so i was just getting image ideas and some headlines together.

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hey scotch two really popular MMORPG games are runescape and world of warcraft hopefully they can help you out some on your targeting

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thanks mattmatt483 those are some of the ones i was doing quantcast and demo research on.

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Okay update time.

Due to some changes in offer status I wasn’t able to test Shaiya so now it looks like i’ll be working with IMVU and Eden Eternal.

First round of testing.

Demo: Males 18-25 in the US. with some interest targeting (keeping that private for now, but they are based around TV shows, nerdy stuff, and are closely related)

539,780 Users targted.

Budget: $20 per day
Suggested:$ .73 – 1.27
My Bid:.70

Worth noting it was an absolute bitch to get these ads up the suggested bid tool is messed up, reach tool is messed up, and i kept getting errors.

I did 6 ads 3 images 2 headlines with 1 body copy.

Decided to test out IMVU first. Spoiler alert it bombed lol. Each ad got a few thousand impressions and I only managed to spend a $1.73.

Looking back I think the ads just weren’t very good, the message isn’t clear, and I think this game is a bit of a miss with the crowd I’m targeting. But hey some of you guys might have a demo that will respond well so below are some ad examples.

Ugh… the more I look at them the worse I think they are. lol.

New Plan Of Action Okay after that disaster time to regroup. Going to stick with this demo. Has promise but needs a new offer and a new angle. Will be testing out Eden Eternal next after doing some research and checking out the offer I think it’ll be a much better match. Ads and updates to be posted soon!

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i think the imvu offer would work better with a female demographic..and try to use keywords and find an unique angle..thats essential when running games and stuff like that…maybe target some dress up games/apps etc and then write an ad like this: Like Dressup Games? Create your own Avatar at….or target miley cyrus and use a cartoon image of her (easier for approval) and headline..Wanna Look Like Miley? hope you get the idea but think of you own angle thats just an example that came to my mind 😉

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Thanks for the tip.. I originally planned on doing a fem demo but decided to try this one and this was the only one oft offers I had ready to launch so was worth a shot.. I’ll prolly be swaying more towards Eden and similar offers unless I decide to change up my demos

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Updated: 8/7/2011

Okay so after the first swing and a miss with IMVU on my males 18-25 demo I decided to regroup with a new more traditional MMORPG offer and a new angle, images, etc.

Made 2 ad groups 4 images each 1 body copy and each group was seperated by headlines A and B. I decided to try two totally different camps for the headline split test to help with uneven approvals and impression distribution.

Each ad group got a $15.00 budget and i let them run until the budget was either spent or the day had ended. (affiliate confession: i’m a terrible stat refresher so luckily I had friends in town and was to busy raising my blood alcohol level to sit and watch them)

Offer: Eden Eternal (US)
Payout: $1.33
Network:A4D will split test EWA if they get it live again.
Demo Size:432,420


Headline A:

Headline B:

Total Clicks: 61
Total Conversions: 4
CVR Rate: 6.56%

Notes: Okay so a couple of things to point out on this data.
1. FB didnt approve two of the ads until today (testing them now) and 1 ad started to get clicks and ran off with all the impressions in group A.

2. Bids. My initial bids were for group A .69 cents and group B got a bid of .80 cents. Some of you may think "why would you split test different bids with different ads?"

Well once again FB’s shitty suggested bid tool was broken so I decided to make a blind guess both high and low around what my previous test’s suggested was.

OKAY! So making some progress. Goes to show you how important it is to accumulate data. Initally these ads had CTR’s above .3% and over time the top ad changed quite a bit. So don’t pause your shit to early!

The next step:

As you can see I’ve already made some bid adjustments and will be collecting some more data and trying to push down the CPC’s of the current top performers. I’ll also be doing a new round of ads with some different images as well as adding some "effects" to the current top images such as the "new" banner, stars, borders, etc. trying to up my CTR.

Suggestions?? For you experienced MMORPG promoters any suggestions on getting this profitable? Obviously that conversion rate is crap, I can try a new offer, but that will require a different approach/artwork for the ads. If possible i’d like to continue on Eden Eternal.

FREEBIE! Here’s a sample image that got a decent CTR for people to use as "inspiration" (copy and die)

My Status: Total Spent = $25.58
Total Rev = $5.32
Total Profit/Loss = -$20.26 BOOOO

More testing and new updates coming soon!

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another quickie update:

Got the other two ads approved ran them.. Overall today the ads maintained their CTR about .150% avg. dropped my bids but the avg. CPC’s didn’t lower. In fact since the performance of the ads was softer today they actually went up and to boot I’ve gotten 46 clicks with 0 conversions WTF?

Not a ton of data to go off of but so far either this offer is crap


I’m doing something wrong in my ads/demo. (<— most likely)

new profit loss = -$48.79 ugh…

So before I start making changes what does the aff. mob have to say? Try same/similar ads with a new offer? or same ads/same offer with a new demo?

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pause your campaign for now, whats your interest/likes, seem to be not targeted, need to refine further in order to get profitable

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Yep, targeting is the key to high CTR & conversions. Although games do have a general appeal to younger males this is no linger good enough with FB’s high click costs.

I will usually test 3 "angles" per game before I proceed or abandon

1. Related games – usually very targeted but the most expensive when going after MMORPG’s

2. General Gaming – I would test Facebook games that fall into the same genre even if its not related. These people are gamers and have found these games via Facebook so they are very qualified. There are a TON of Facebook games that are some of the most popular apps on Facebook.

3. Target related interests. This sometimes require some very creative targeting but if you can pull it off it can work well. Example: Target Harry Potter fans for Wizard 101

Games is a challenge because 90% of your success comes from getting click for cheap enough. On top of that you need an offer that converts like a mofo in order to work. Unfortunately by the time many of these games hit the CPA networks they’ve been around for quite some time.

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You need to share images and ad copy for proper input.

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UPDATE: 8/9/2011

Some more testing done and another update for you guys.

Decided to give Eternal Eden one more quick run on my current demo to collect a little more data. Results = shitty lol.

Ad CTR’s were decent about .100% but nothing to write home about. If I want to get this campaign to profit at all I’m going to most likely need to pull at least .2% to pull down my bid prices.

Spent another $11.15 with 0 conversions. Which means it’s time to either dump the offer or take a new angle. I’ve decided to try both.

Before moving on here are a couple of the ads I was running that got a good CTR if anyone needs help coming up with ideas.

The images were from characters and artwork from the game and I added the "new" element to go along with my news oriented headline. Beta now unlocked is the commonly used phrase I found for many games after doing some research and tested better than other headlines.

So I’ve decided to first try taking a new angle that was more broad and possibly less saturated with gaming ads.

Basically go after people who are bored etc. With ads similar to the one below.

Best ad only did .044% CTR others did much worse. This demo could still have more potential, but my copy/images just wasn’t appealing. May do another round with new ads.

Plan of action:
Looking for a new game to test (reco’s anybody??) Going international may be a possibility, but for now I’d like to focus on an English speaking market and test other offers with my previous angle that was showing promise.

I don’t seem to have the touch with MMO’s as I have with other browser games, but so far I’m learning a lot and really getting back in the saddle with facebook ads.

more updates to come! Feel free to comment or make suggestions.

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i would highly suggest going international. if you havent seen this yet it’s a great tool for finding a country u want to break into. I have ads running at like .1 ctr in certain countries that is costing me like .01 cents

User Comment:
Yep it looks like you need to try out a proven offer and go INTL, CA, AU, NZ.

You are doing well with your gaming looking creatives, but US competition + low converting offer = bad times.

User Comment:
thanks guys. going international was kind of my option #3.

My typical strategey on FB is to start with demos i know (US/UK/CA) find an offer that works, test angles until something shows promise and then scale it internationally. (i’m always keeping in mind actual profit potential and stability .vs. big ROI’s)

It’s looking like it might be in my best interest to just continue the angle i’m on work on better ads but do it internationally. Even if the volume/reach is much lower per country maybe the lack of competition will make it convert. I’ll be searching for other offers as well.

Cheers for the input!

User Comment:
Low payouts and cheaper click costs from INT kind of levels out with higher payouts and higher click costs.

The biggest issue with the main markets in USA, UK, CA, AU is saturation. With games, by the time it hits affiliate networks its already "old news" and there is a lot more competition. INT is where you win in both instances on these.

Making decent $$ on a 0.50 payout you need volume though which is why countries like India & Phillipines ec are potentially so profitable – cheap clicks and huge user base.

User Comment:
Awesome thread, has a ton of detail!

Runescape was a little gem of mine i used for a campaign a long time ago. Lets just say Runescape fans love their game

You can work FB well! Go INTL, you’ll spend less on testing, use a proven offer too

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another day another update!

Progress: Alright been a day or two since the last update, been a little busy with some other campaigns I’ve been working on, but managed to launch some new tests and of course learned some new stuff along with trying to jump over more hurdles.

Decided to take the great advice given by several people on here and work on some international demos.

The first logical step for me was to take the same good ads I had before and run the campaign in a different country. My hope was that the less saturated market would translate in to better results. Went with Canada first (Eden Eternal offer already accepted US & CA so was just a matter of changing the country and resubmitting)

Here are the stats.

This resulted in a whopping 2 conversions. So lesson learned was that this offer might be a dud (at least for the targeting/angle I’m using) I could try to go after more countries with it, but decided to look around for some other opportunities.
edit: after taking a second look this isn’t exactly a ton of data to go off of so if I can’t find any other offers I may still pursue this one.

Since Shaiya was paused on the networks I’m working with I gave a new offer a try called Ikariam

My interest in this one really peaked when I saw it accepted greek traffic. Greek traffic is cheap and they have a large amount of English speakers so I figured with good creative I had a shot at success.

Would post the stats but the camp never really got off the ground. I had to as usual submit a US preview link for approval and then swap after, because the offer redirects. Apparently I got 1 click early out of the gate resulting in a .7%+ CTR which much of gotten my ad reviewed again.

FB paused the ads (something I’ve never seen usually I get a retro-disapproval. I was able to unpause the campaign, but I suspect something could be up with the auto-pause so after seeing the ads perform poorly I decided to kill the camp.

Plan of Action: So haven’t made as much progress in the past few days as I wanted, but I think I have a new direction to go and that’s overseas. Will be looking at some good offers to run and putting together new camps.

This has got to be one of the most frustrating camps I’ve tried to run in awhile especially on FB which I’ve had quite a bit of success with BUT I’M NOT QUITTING YET!

More updates to come soon. And of course input is always welcome.

User Comment:
Looking at eden eternal on ads4dough they accept greek traffic too. Unless I don’t know shit about country codes:

"Eden Eternal SE, FI, NO, DK, IT, GR"

It’s a bummer that it’s not translated into greek though cause greek traffic is ridiculously cheap, and super easy to get ridiculous CTR’s when you target greek language

User Comment:
Dude i didn’t even notice that. Might be what I’m going to do.. I wish the lander was translated but i’ll have a few options there.

User Comment:

Decided to do some more international testing with Eternal Eden here are the resutls

After seeing that the offer accepted Greek traffic (thanks for pointing that out guys)

I decided to run a test there. I figured with the large volume and cheap traffic it could be a winner. I ran the first test with my same good performing English ads I used in the US.

I used the language targeting option to select only English speakers and this still allowed me to have a decent reach of over 100K to work with which was surprising.

I didn’t use any keywords on this one just ran it broad to 18-25 year olds.

As you can see above the results weren’t to good as far as CTR. (the ads initially got clicks early and had awesome CTR but died out soon after)

Conversions: 1
Spend: $2.13
Revenue: $1.33

I had the budget set at $10.00 but the CTR was so low it didn’t come close to hitting it.

I did test 1 ad with a Greek translated headline. Interesting fact Greek is a loooooooooooooong language lol.

I could only get "Play Now" to even fit in the headline box.

Not sure if my ads did poorly, because of the language barrier or maybe running broad was just to ambitious.

Plan of Action: Since I’m a stubborn prick, going to stick with this offer and go after some gamer keywords. I’ll be taking the language targeting off. I think I’ll still have a shot at doing well as a lot of gamers especially those who play popular American games do speak some English and it seems that the ratio of English speakers in Greece is fairly high.

Still learning a lot with this contest, but hoping I can start turning things around soon and get myself into the black before its all over.

User Comment:
Haha ya that is the fun thing about working with FB in foreign languages, character limits really make things tough.

I’m guessing your ads did so poorly just because your ads didn’t make any sense. Usually when you hit a less saturated country with a broad appealing offer it does ok CTR wise.

Good on you for being a stubborn prick!

User Comment:
lol thanks Green.

Yeah i was hoping that the english ads would work, but i probably need to simplify them some more (I do that with dating stuff in other countries works great)

next round will be simple to the point and i’m going to try and see what the volume looks like on some gamer keywords hopefully i can get my message across.

User Comment:

Man this contest has thoroughly kicked my ass!

Launched another ad group in Greece.

New ads with a simple "Play Eden Eternal!" headline.

Why so lame? Well I’ve been promoting in other INTL markets (other verticals) and I can say from experience that if you want to make english ads work you need to be very simple and cater to the users limited understanding/vocab.

I also for this round added the broad category targets for gaming.

Results? another flop lol.

best ad did .03 CTR and no conversions. Spent $11.37.

So maybe Greece and this offer just aren’t meant to be. I could have ads translated and give it another go but with the contest ending tomorrow I don’t think i’ll have time.

I’ll be outing all of my ads for you guys as soon as I can get back to my other comp.

So far even though I’m at a straight loss for this competition I’m really glad I did it. Helped me jump back into INTL markets for other offers and really got me back in the saddle pushing traffic on FB again. (was on a bit of a hiatus)

Really appreciate all the help so far!

Ads to be posted soon.

User Comment:
Here are the ads I was using before.

Targeting anime keywords like dragon ball z, full metal alchemist,cosplay,cosplayers,anime,anime cosplay, etc.

Demo does well for some offers in the US and has pleny of volume but looks to be over saturated for games.

been a fun case study learned a lot, but came in at a total loss. Totally worth it.

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