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Okay I think it’s time for a follow along posting about the great guide Jordan and bbrock provided. I have just launched my campaign for now using my own flog theme for wordpress which my coder made me some months ago.

I used the footprint from tjin and "borrowed" a flog content of the same offer I would like to promote. Yeah I know content theft, but know what? I don’t care If I see conversions I will get my copywriter to write me a story but for now it’s okay with me…I changed images and tried to make the flog as much legit as possible.

The offer is private and I got it from a great and long established network (don’t want to name it here).

Some Details:
Traffic Source: TrafficVance
Targets: 86 (filtered the non-traffic targets)
Offer Payout: $38
Tracking: CPVLAB on VPS
Budget on this campaign: $500

Offer Page:

To get started I just took the url’s provided from Jordan/bbrock and put them into TV to see some fast stats. I am really to tired to look for other targets right now but this will come fo sho!

Some Stats:
Costs: $23.28
Campaign: 1,552 Views
POP CTR: 1.22%
FLOG CTR: 73.6%

So far I am pretty impressed with the CTR of the flog itself but a little disappointed on the CTR of the pop. Thought this would be way higher but problably the lander has been already popped to much, lol.

See you on day two with more stats…

User Comment:
goodluck ppvnewbie! Just wondering if you have enough targets

User Comment:
Deffo looking good, that landing page ctr is awesome too. I haven’t touched rebills in a long while so would be good to get back into them – especially on ppv.

User Comment:
Good job! No conversions yet?

User Comment:
Nope, no conversions so far. I didn’t expected to see any conversions that fast…

Todays Stats:
Targets: 121
Costs: $25
Campaign: 2,163 Views
POP CTR: 1.9%

User Comment:
interesting thread

Also your flog CTR is really nice!

good luck with the campaign

User Comment:
Have you tried split testing the flog design? It’s been about a year since I was into rebills so can’t really remember if that is a ‘normal’ CTR although I believed mine was more around the 40% mark.

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Todays Stats:
Targets: 121
Costs: $32
Campaign: 2,181 Views
POP CTR: 1.28%
Conversions: 0

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How many pop LPs are you testing? Tested the ones Jordan uploaded in his guide?
Good luck!

User Comment:
Yes currently only using the "news" kinda pop LP.

User Comment:
Todays Stats:
Targets: 154
Costs: $31
Campaign: 2,128 Views
POP CTR: 1.3%
FLOG CTR: 64.3%
Conversions: 0

User Comment:
a couple of things to maybe consider here – for one your spend is pretty low, especially spread across all of those targets. these higher cpa campaigns tend to require a bit more money in testing per target to gauge success, so you might try just a couple targets and increasing the spend on each to get a picture of if it will work.

the pop ctr is pretty low…not that it can’t be profitable but are you testing others? one thing you can try is reformatting your flog so that it fits into the 550px width and pop that to see if you can get more clicks through to the offer.

what is your competition popping on these targets? is it a similar lander? if it is, and it’s obviously working, try bidding into first place and spending 30 or 40 bucks there to see what your ctr/cr is. for me, sometimes dropping position has the dual effect of decreasing traffic by a ton, and decreasing my conversion % too.

the testing phase sucks cause you can burn through some cash, but the nice thing is once it starts working, you can make a bunch pretty quick too.

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to add on to what southbound said;

Something I’ve done in the past is explain how the trial is really all they need, and explain why. Use whatever reason you see fit. With weight loss it’s commonly said you can lose 30 lbs that month with whatever trial, and that’s usually enough lbs for most people, or atleast enough for them to know its working before the trial is over, so you’ll see an increase in conversion rates.

Also you technically should be testing each URL to 3x or more the payout of the offer, which is a lot of $ in testing. So this makes testing pretty hard — don’t dump a domain after it’s spent $5 with no conversions.
It’s better to test 20 domains to at least $30 each and find 1-2 converting domains, then 150 domains at $5 each.

did you use the first bunch of urls only, or both?

User Comment:
Thanks for all your suggestions. I recently added a second lander to test the CTR. I used all of your suggested urls and put them into TrafficVance and deleted out the non-traffic ones. I also added some more relevant urls related to skin care. Most of your urls are pretty demogrpahically and not skin care related which I always had a hard time to work. That’s the reason I was looking for a demographic case study to learn more into them

User Comment:
Cool, and yep maybe try taking out the 2nd batch of URLs i provided because those are directed to larger media buys for non rebill products (such as L’OREAL type of products). Those are the URLs i’d recommend testing once your campaign is profitable

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