Follow Along **Stacksofgreen** – [[ Rune of Magic Facebook Gaming

Follow Along **Stacksofgreen** – [[ Rune of Magic Facebook Gaming Follow Along Entry ]]

Hey STM members, wanted to add my gaming campaign to the stack!

Started: 8/11/11

The campaign I am running is Runes of Magic:

The Payout is 1.50 and Running with NB for this one.

"A conversion will occur when the users finish the double opt-in. After users visit the landing page and finish the info fill-out section, they will automatically be sent an email that has a unique link for them. The offer will convert when the user clicks on the link and finishes the captcha. "

Damn.. I thought it was going to be hard to convert on this, but I said what the hell lets do it.

I made a theme around "Magic the Gathering fans on Facebook"

The reach was 119,020 exact match for 18-36 Males in the US
Fb Suggest bid: $1.19-2.27 USD

The Ad title is shown below along with all the pictures I used.

I started a bid at $0.30 and budget at $10, $30, $50 and then to $60 as I did not want to blew up my budget just yet. I played around with the budget and the price of clicks to see if I can get any traffic and all i got was about 30 impressions, I slowly upped my bid to about 0.34, .37, .40, and to .45 where I hit some more impressions and clicks!

I posted this campaign 8/11 night, ran this starting yesterday after getting approved and seems like today MTG fans stopped playing cards and started clicking my ads!

Stats so far:
Spent – $6.77
Rev – $4.50
P/L – -$2.22
CTR on best ad is 0.131

Will test other images to see

Will update more this weekend! Please post any feedback! I’m new to the MMO Gaming for FB

I left everything transparent, because I want everyone to yell, scream, judge, and call me noob on this. Sometimes thats just the way we learn new things! Thanks STM guys!

User Comment:
Wanted to add a quick update on the stats, and I’m pretty happy!

Rev: $46.50
Spent: 57.60
CTR: 0.188%
CPC Price – from .45 to now .15
P/L : -$11.10

Not to bad for my budget, I’m at a Loss of -$11.10, but now I have my cpcs down and I’m sure if I increase the budget with a CPC of .15 that this will turn to profits by tomorrow!

Never knew that the Magic the Gathering Niche can be so well!

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Good stuff man. Certainly a solid start, have you seen any trends with certain ages? 18-36 is pretty broad off the bat.

You should definitely get this campaign to profit.

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what’s with the # before your keywords?

User Comment:
they are hash tags that show up now when you target some specific keywords.

User Comment:
@MrGreen – Thanks for the heads up! You are right I need to break this down to a smaller age demo, do you think I should go by groups of 5 or 10? And what do you think of the ad copy thus so far?

Stats for 8/14/11

Best CTR: .222% and the other .156%
CPC Average: $0.15 – $0.19
Spent 57.62
Rev today $48.00
P/L: -$9.62

I’m going to narrow this down like MrGreen said and post the results hopefully by Tuesday.

It looks like my 2nd ad, after lowering the first one to $0.20 got more attention.

Does anyone you know exactly when I should know if the creative is good or not based on how many clicks? I hit about 250+ clicks.. but not sure when to switch around the images or lower these and let the others run more impressions.

All feedback appreciated! This could be something anyone new at fb game advertising to learn from, cause this is my first time actually narrowing it done to a specific group and it looks to be working.

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Just a little bit of warning I have been pulled from gaming offers for mentioning other game names like World of Warcraft. So I would check to make sure your in the clear by saying what your targeting otherwise looks good
Aim for .15 and higher CTR and keep rotating images till you find the killer one that converts!

I would stick to 3-5 year groups.
Good luck

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Didn’t get a chance to update the stats on the Runes of Magic on Facebook yesterday, was tweaking the campaign to try to make it profitable.

Overall Spend: $306.70
Overal Revenue: $274.50
P/L : -$32.20
BEST CTR: .237% and CPC to $0.11

This campaign did better than I expected. I actually did make profit yesterday of about $15.00, however I took MrGreens advice to break the campaign down to smaller age demos. The problem of course is to reapply the ads for approval and start the CTR process and get cheap clicks all over again.

The most unfortunate part is the campaign reached its CAP and is currently pause, so I have to stop this regardless.

What I learned:

The creative you think the least of actually had the best CTR and lowest CPC. I was really surprised it actually beat my first ad that I posted at the beginning of this post.

So when this campaign does come back with a larger cap, I’m sure to be profitable! Keep stacking, it will come soon! This is my first time doing a MMORPG on facebook targeting a niche, and its a great learning experience, you will lose in the beginning until you find that ad/creative that will make bank.

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Originally Posted by stacksofgreen

What I learned:

The creative you think the least of actually had the best CTR and lowest CPC. I was really surprised it actually beat my first ad that I posted at the beginning of this post.

That image is VERY enticing to MtG fans! It’s a Mox something I don’t remember Mox "what". There are 5 Moxes (red,blue,white,green,black) and those cards are rare alpha beta edition cards only and VERY valuable

Like $100/ card which is a lot when I played the game eons ago while in year 6-ish

Just thought you wannna know, if you don’t already

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That’s a nice find man. I love coming across those odd gold nuggets. It literally pays to research your demo!

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