Follow Along Tap1oN’s Newbie PoF 30 Days WTF1337OMGROFLMAO Challenge

So after reading iwanturcoins follow along thread I got really motivated to start with my own. I always have problem to keep focus and if I don’t succeed after a few days I usually drop the thing I’m doing and find some new cool method. So this thread is to keep me on the track and don’t switch method all the time.

I’ve selected PoF to be my traffic source since I’ve had some experience with it before and actually had some succesful campaign but they died out pretty fast so I stopped tweaking them.

My goal is to reach $50+/day profit within these 30 days and I don’t think it will be too hard if I put my mind into it.

First Post of this follow along will come tomorrow. Feel free to bash me!

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Day 1

So last night I launched my first campaign. Since I had some success earlier this year promoting the richmen offer I decided to do it again. When I ran it before I had 100% ROI for about 2 weeks but then the offer stopped converting.

Offer (Female Only)
Direct Linking

I launched 1 campaigns with 5 different age groups:

Login Count < 50
Single, Divorced, Widowed, Separated
Session Depth 10, 50
No Mobile Traffic
Bid: $0.54

*** I don’t show all the targeting I did because I rather not see someone steal this campaign :PPpppPp***

After running the first day I think I need to make the campaign more broader since I’m mostly gonna test the creatives now and also the offer. As you can see from the stats for the first day I didn’t get that many impressions and the CPC is quite high.

Another thing I think I did wrong was that I used 29 different images with 2 different ad copys which brings a total of 58 differnt ads.
Would like to get some feedback on to do this the best way.

Spent: $13.23
Clicks: 26
Conversions: 0
Revenue: zer0

I’m really thinking about changing the offer I’m promoting after these stats or atleast rotate offers, what you you guys think?

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if your network has shop4guys offer try rotating that offer in

User Comment:

Another thing I think I did wrong was that I used 29 different images with 2 different ad copys which brings a total of 58 differnt ads.
Would like to get some feedback on to do this the best way.

I have no issues loading up 50 images with varying text at any one time using Mr G’s uploader – BUT, will always pause out all but 5 to test. Otherwise, you simply blow through a ton of impressions and cash before you even get near to finding a winner.

I generally go with my gut instinct for the first 5 images. If I’m not seeing a single click by 800-1000 impressions, I’ll pause it and try another. I’m always looking for 0.2%+ before 1500 impressions if I’m targeting tight with login and session depth. You can of course run a different 5 ads across the different age groups that may help speed up identifying winning images.

One thing that I can say from experience that turned it all around for me, is the winning is in the image. Get rid of all perceptions on what you think will work, and test. You will soon find images that just blow your mind when they turn campaigns around from losers to huge winners.

If I find a winner, I then add in identical image with a different headline to see if I can beat it (usually loaded up in the first batch to avoid waiting for more approvals). I’ll never run a PoF campaign in the early stages and not watch it closely while I cut out the loosing ads.

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Thanks for those tips chris_m!

For now I got rid of the session depth and lowered my bids a bit to get more impressions. Also I’m gonna test with 5 images at the time to get enough imps on them.

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Day 2

So after the 2nd day of this challenge I’ve decided it’s time to switch out, it simply isn’t converting at all for me. The new offer I selected is:

MeetRealGuys (Females Only)
Direct Linking

I’ve tested this offer a couple of days before and it converted a lot better than richmen.

So for this day I removed my sessions depth to get more impressions but I also lowered my bids, here are the stats. I only tested 5 pictures here with 2 different adcopies. I used the same 5 pictures in all age groups, maybe I can have 5 different to get things done faster or what do you guys think?

Spent: $10.88
Clicks: 26
Conversions: 1
Revenue: $3.30

Still long way to go but I think I will be more close to breaking even after I changed out the offer I’m promoting.
Also I wonder if anyone know a good dating offer you can target 18+ guys with?
I created some really good creatives for a campaign but then none of the networks I was in had a good offer I could use.

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You should be using the PoF conversion tracking pixel or iframe, it’ll allow you to see conversions on the fly on one interface and it’ll also give you a better idea of your converting demos. The iframe is more accurate but the pixel works fine as well.

Are you dayparting or weekparting? A good rule of thumb is to let your dating ads run from 6pm – 2am – EST (For North America) and certain days of the week convert better than others, this you’ll have to test on your own though.

Are you using dynamic tokens? You should at the very least split test an adcopy with tokens vs ones without. I always allow for 5k-10k impressions to an ad before I give it the axe or ramp it up, I will usually kill any ad with a CTR<0.15%, depending on the eCPM of the ad.

For targeting, always keep in mind the more targeted you are the higher the CPM you will have to pay. Login count<50 is very competitive so expect to pay a premium for it, that demo converts great but its very tough to stay profitable at such a high CPM so keep that mind.

Don’t be afraid to open up your budget early to get some data, set aside some money and consider it lost already, a sunk cost of purchasing data.

Good luck man.

User Comment:
Thanks 403flux!
I thought I set up the pixel but aparently I didn’t.
As for the tokens I’m using them, I can clearly see that one of my adcopys is preforming much better than the other one. Will test 2 more days though but then I’m most likely gonna drop the other one.

I’m not dayparting yet because I live in Sweden so the timezones are a bit fucked, I guess you cant setup timezones in the pof interface.
Do you reckon I should remove the <50 login count for my testing? I still get imps from bidding $.4

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Are you using a 202 tracking pixel as well? Some cpa networks will only allow you to place one pixel, in these cases you should use the iframe (html) or contact your AM and see whats up.

I’m not too sure about the time zones in PoF, I use a world clock plugin for my browser since I advertise in multiple countries and I just set my alarm clock and day part manually. Other alternatives if you want to automate it are setting up cron jobs on your server, using macros, or writing a ubot script. I prefer doing things manually because of the peace of mind. All personal preference.

Whether or not you want to remove the <50 login count is up to you. If you are profitable, then by all means, continue. For a $0.40 CPM at that login I would imagine you will get profitable over a longer period of time but I don’t think you will be able to get much volume. So you will probably make $5-$10/day averaged out over a month or so. Just a prediction, I haven’t run on PoF since they’ve made their changes to ad distribution so its just a guess.

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No I’m only using PoF pixel. I was stupid enough to not use 202 for my offers so now I have to change all teh fkn url’s manually which was a real pain in da butt.

When I ran the meetrealguys offer before I had a epc of .49 so if I can manage to get a ctr of .2 with .40 cpm it would be pretty ok. I’m just afraid that targeting over 50 logins might drop my CR a lot.

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Day 3

Today I hit positive ROI which is really nice. Switching out the richmen offer was the best thing I could do for this campaign I reckon. This won’t be that big of a update as I just keep testing images.

Here are the stats:

Spent: $7.33
Clicks: 19
Conversions: 6
Revenue: $16,80
Profit: $9.43

Still have a about 15 pictures to test. Should I keep the good images running or pause them will testing the others?

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Keep the good ones running for sure. Pause the crap ones, and add in some new test images.

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Day 4

Today my CR dropped a bit, have no idea why but guess it can happen sometimes. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

Here are todays stats:

Spent: $13.58
Clicks: 28
Conversions: 3
Revenue: $8.40

So Before I paused all the ads I was testing but for tomorrow I’m gonna let the good ones continue to run. I’m thinking about making a landing page after I’ve tested the ads but I’m afraid that it won’t boost my CR.

I’m also thinking about launching one more campaign because there aren’t a lot of money in this one as you can see.

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Day 5

So I changed my login count to <100 instead to get some more volume which I sure did. As you can see on the picture below one of my age groups is having a really low CTR. Should I drop that one? It’s the first one with the highest ctr and traffic that is generating 90% of my conversions.

Spent: $36.87
Clicks: 109
Conversions: 11
Revenue: $30.80

What should be my next step now? I was thinking about remaking the pictures a bit, maybe add a border and levels. Maybe I should play some with the demo?

User Comment:
Cool man! dunno i missed this ha ur runnin the same dating offers I have been on PPV…fwiw i got more conversions with meetrealguys than shop4guys but different traffic source so probably irrelevant. I don’t know shit about yet social media really yet but good luck anyway man! i’ll be followin this…

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Day 6,7
So ehm, sorry for not updating the thread. I’ve been a bit busy with my daily job and what not. So basicly the CR dropped like hell as well as the CTR. This made me pause the campaign and look over it.
I decided to switch offer to cupids wand since the payout is almost double the payout of my other offer.

Cupids Wand
Direct linking

This was the stats for the last day before I paused the campaign.

Spent: $39.94
Clicks: 59
Conversions: 4
Revenue: $11.20

User Comment:
were the latest stats you posted with using the richmen offer or cupids wand?

User Comment:
Oh, Last one was MeetRealGuys. I dropped richmen early because I didn’t see any good CR at all. Haven’t tested cupids wand yet, I just submitted the campaigns and hopefully they will get approved tonight.

User Comment:
ah ok well goodluck

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Day 8

So last night I went to sleep early and my new submitted ads wasn’t approved when I went to bed but when I woke up they had been so it was not only good picture in the batch. Gonna remove the bad ones today.

Here are the stats, note that I only have one group instead of 5 different like I had before.
The reason for this is mainly that the other age groups didnt convert at all in my previous testing so better stick with the good ones.

Once I remove the bad pictures I reckon I’ll get a ctr of .15+ and will make this campaign very successful.

Spent: $12.87
Clicks: 2
Conversions: 3
Revenue: $15.00
Profit: $2.13

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Day 9
This new offer seem to be a winner for now. It has almost the same CR as MeetRealGuys but pays almost the double per lead.
So today I actually had some nice profits with over 100% ROI!!

I think the campaign still have some optimizing to do but I will prolly launch a duplicate campaign but target login count > 200 for cheap cpm just to test.

Here are the stats:

Spent: $13.90
Clicks: 44
Conversions: 7
Revenue: $35.00
Profit: $21.10

I’m only $8.90 away from my goal of this Newbie PoF 30 Days WTF1337OMGROFLMAO Challenge.

User Comment:
Nice work man,

User Comment:
Good shit dude, nice progress.

User Comment:
Keep going, nice work man

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Day 10

So instead of adding a campaign of login count > 200 I scaled my campaigns to 4 other countries which is allowed for the offer.
Today my CR dropped again, this keep happening. Could it be that my target is to narrow? Would a lander increase the CR? I’m also thinking about letting it run through the week to see if it converts better on certain days, also I lowered my bids even more to around $0.30ish

Here are the stats anyways:

Spent: $23.71
Clicks: 54
Conversions: 4
Revenue: $20.00

User Comment:
Day 11
Still not getting those conversions and I have no clue why that is. Anyone got any tips?

Here are ze stats:

Spent: $20.10
Clicks: 62
Conversions: 2
Revenue: $10.00

User Comment:
Have you tried rotating the offer on different networks?

Also, are you still targeting females? I’ve had higher CTR with males but a lower conversion rate, lower CTR with females and higher conversion rate. (If that makes sense).

User Comment:
None of the networks I’m in has cupids wand except for neverblue.

And yes I’m still targeting females.

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Day 12
This days stats seem to show that a campaign can perform really different between days. I will keep running it for the whole week even though it wouldn’t be profitable some days to see if it’s just good on certain days of the week.

Here are todays stats and I left out the countries on purpose )

Spent: $19.46
Clicks: 101
Conversions: 8
Revenue: $40.00
Profit: $21.54

User Comment:
nice work mate…well on the way!

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Day 13
Soon its halfway to 30 days but I’m pretty confident that I can reach that $30 daily profit within the timelimit for sure. I’ve had some really great success on ppv also lately reaching $200 daily profit which is awesome, my goal before the end of this year is to earn $1000/day.

Anways today my conversions dropped a bit but I’m still in the green which is good.

Spent: $16.29
Clicks: 62
Conversions: 5
Revenue: $25.00
Profit: $9.71

User Comment:
great progress glad you let it keep rolling and are collecting more data. I saw a few posts back that you were asking if a lander would be worth it.

I’m not sure what your current targeting/demo/angle is, but I can say YES on POF a lander will often improve conversions quite a bit. When going broad I usually split test it, but with any niche/angle they have always done great for me.

Nothing fancy needed just literally a

[HEADLINE related to your ad]
Images/image: sales copy alsjflsdjfds
lskjflsd;jfl;sdjflsd;jflsdjfls;djfl jdsfjsadl

[Call to action]

layout often works. Might be worth a test, if you need a conversion boost. (worth noting you will be adding the variable of LP click-through rate to things that need optimizing so consider that)

User Comment:
Day 14
I’m really happy that I didn’t drop the campaign just because it had some rough days. Now it seem to be really profitable but I think I should add some more pictures to test to improve my ctr to over .1 at least.

I will start making landers this weekend to test with the new images as well.
Thanks scotchsales for the awesome tips!

Here are le statZ:

Spent: $13.78
Clicks: 54
Conversions: 6
Revenue: $30.00
Profit: $16.22

User Comment:
But I think you can increase bid to get more CR.

User Comment:
Day 15
Campaign seem to pretty stable now, about 10% CR total for the campaign. So I’ve started working on some landing pages. I’m also going to duplicate the campaigns and bid higher to see if I will get more clicks. I also have a plan to launch a completly different campaign sometime the next week to achieve that $30/day profit.

Keep in mind that I don’t do PoF fulltime so I don’t put all my time on this, so don’t think I’m bad not achieving $30 daily yet.

Here are le statisic0:

Spent: $12.56
Clicks: 57
Conversions: 5
Revenue: $25.00
Profit: $12.44

User Comment:
keep going, good job

User Comment:
whats your budget per ad group tap1on?

also are you running letting it run ASAP or spread throughout the day?

User Comment:
@raw My budget per adgroup is $30 so I never reach the cap. I’m planning on bidding higher so I’ll get more imps because I did that before but then I didn’t see as high ROI as I do now.

I’m not letting it run ASAP I always spread throughout the day.

User Comment:
Day 17
A bit more update this time, I launched 2 new campaigns. First one was almost the same one as I’ve been running in this follow along except with a lander and some other adjustments. The second one was a completly new angle. Here are the campaigns and stats:

First camp stats
Spent: $13.97
Clicks: 48
Conversions: 3
Profit: $1.03

Second Campaign
Second campaign is almost the same as the first one, I use the same images and same target. However I removed the session depth and login count. My bid is only .10 but seeing a lot of impressions. For this campaign I also use a landing page.

Second Campaign stats
Spent: $10.35
Clicks: 76
CTR: 51.95%
Conversions: 3
Profit: $4.65

Third Campaign
This one is a completly new angle but it’s kinda broad.
I had login count < 100 and session depth > 5 but didnt get a lot of impressions at all so they will be removed for tomorrow.

Third Campaign stats
Spent: $2.12
Clicks: 8
Conversions: 0

Total Breakdown
Spent: $27.70
Clicks: 137
Conversions: 6
Revenue: $30.00
Profit: $2.30

I need to do something about my landing page I think because I want higher ctr. What is a good ctr for a landing page on PoF? and what kind of CR should I be able to get?

User Comment:
ripping mate! on the path to freedom!

User Comment:
Day 18
So I found some volume to say atleast. I upped my bids to .15 instead of .10 and got a lot of impressions but my CTR went down a bit to around 0.07 on campaign 2.

The conversion rate is really low now compared to when I started, any clue why that might be?

Could I get some feedback on my landing page btw?

Campaign 1
Spent: $15.08
Clicks: 64
Revenue: $15.00
Profit: $0.08

Campaign 2 with a lander
Spent: $23.69
Clicks: 115
CTR: 43.56%
Revenue: $5.00
Profit: $18.69

Campaign 3
Spent: $3.14
Clicks: 20
Revenue: $5.00
Profit: $1.86

Total Breakdown
Spent: $42.91
Clicks: 199
Conversions: 5
Revenue: $25.00
Profit: $17.91

User Comment:
Do you use the php script for this lander where it automatically inserts the State? Or have you narrowed it down to NY?

Why does it say " only big girls wanted " and then you have a slim hot chick on the pic? I don’t know if by "big" you mean grown-up. But if not I would add an image of an average looking bbw woman.

Or use only a man and make him say – Big Girls in New York! Join Now for free. You can use niftyplayer for the sound. Check out tijn’s lander of the "$30p day campaign".

Make it relevant to your target audience.

User Comment:
Great progress tapon1!

Some thoughts…

"Why does it say "only big girls wanted " and then you have a slim hot chick on the pic?" Exactly!

I would keep a picture of a couple though, they seem to always work better than just having a guy.

Test more amateur pics than the pro looking pics.

I would also try test the head with "ONLY Big Girls Wanted!" Then under it "(Must be living in New York)".

Your 43% CTR is awesome btw!

User Comment:
Thanks for your input @mrgreen and @nils

I thought about the picture as well but I decided to test it since it’s the same as on cupidswands site.

I’m gonna rotate the same offer on both EWA and neverblue as well to see if there is any difference in the CR.

User Comment:
"I thought about the picture as well but I decided to test it since it’s the same as on cupidswands site." That is solid logic. The image on the offer page is always the first image I try on my creatives and landers. I could be completely wrong about having a fatty there, but worth a test.

User Comment:
Becareful, they come half naked in Google Images.

User Comment:
Quick Tip For Simple GeoIP:

Insert this code before your <body> tag: <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Insert this code where you want their city to show up on the lander: <script type="text/javascript">document.write(geoip_city())</script>

Pro’s: Fucken simple to setup.

Con’s: Not hosted on your server, could be slow at times but I doubt it will be if your not running thousands of clicks an hour.

User Comment:
Day 19
Changing the lander and rotating offer made a huge difference. I have now reached my goal per day, lets hope the profit stays or becomes even more. I think there are a lot more of optimizing to do especially with my ads since I don’t even have 0.1+ ctr on my campaign 2.

As for the landing page I still need some tips to increase the CTR.
Here is the changed lander.

Campaign 1
Spent: $12.11
Clicks: 61
Revenue: $20.00
Profit: $7.89

Campaign 2 with a lander
Spent: $31.93
Clicks: 120
CTR: 49%
Revenue: $45.00
Profit: $13.07

Campaign 3
Spent: $4.19
Clicks: 34
Revenue: $20.00
Profit: $15.81

Total Breakdown
Spent: $48.33
Clicks: 214
Conversions: 17
Revenue: $85.00
Profit: $36.67

User Comment:
Hey tap1on. Congrats on your progress! Looks good.

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