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Hey Guys,

You might know me from stackman’s sticky where I showed some killer tips for increasing image CTR’s by adjusting certain color balances, levels, etc in photoshop. I am very experienced in PS since I’ve been doing it for over 7 years consistently.

I’ve also been studying landing page optimization for the past few years and have now come to a point where I can basically increase any LP’s conversion rate by an incredible amount. I have it down to a science and I go past the usual stuff like count-down timers and flashing buttons. Landing pages are not about design, they are about psychology, and I would like to eventually offer it as a service. However, before I do, I would like a lot of case-studies in my portfolio to show that I can walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

This is where you guys come in!

In order to build up my portfolio of case-studies, I am going to offer FREE landing page optimization to members here. So if anyone wants their LP’s conversion rates raised DRAMATICALLY, along with a learning experience since I will explain how and why the conversions were increased, submit your LP’s to me here. I feel it will provide immense value to this community as you guys will be learning tactics that are not posted in this forum, or any other forum as far as I know.

If you want your landing page optimized please email me at [email protected] and we will get started. You will need to set up a ‘Google Website Optimizer’ acct and give me access to it (make a new one specifically for this! don’t use your current google acct!) just so i/we can be sure that the results are accurate. After each optimization, I will post results here with screenshots and before/after images along with an explanation of exactly why the conversions increased.

Landing pages are NOT about looks, it’s about psychology. A good LP focuses on the user’s psychology/reaction. Hopefully after you guys read through some of the case studies you will start looking at them from a different perspective and I promise your landing pages will always perform much better.

so all-in-all you’ll need to provide me with:

1. Some kind of tracking system that both me and you have access to
3. OLD LP HTML + any resources it runs on (images, scripts, etc)
4. TRAFFIC! Don’t submit if you’re sending a very small amount of traffic or else it’s gonna take a long time to create a good case study.

When you e-mail me, please answer the following questions:

1. Where is most of your traffic coming from?

2. How would you describe your demographic?

(these first two are the most important, so be as detailed as possible. your channel (traffic source) holds the most weight in terms of how it affects your conversion rate. I don’t care how awesome your LP is, you’re not gonna sell a mercedes to a walmart employee)

3. How do you currently pitch the traffic? If there is a certain incentive or benefit you offer in the ad, it’s critical that I focus the LP around that value proposition

4. What’s your current conversion rate?

5. What kind of volume are you sending to the page daily?

Be as detailed as possible in your email.

so, once again, if you want to get optimized, email me at

[email protected]


I’m willing to use any other service besides Google Website Optimizer if you would rather prefer this. All that matters is that you can give me some kind of access so I can upload the pages etc. and so that we can confirm the data is accurate.

EDIT #2:

Okay so I’m already getting requests for optimization from some of you that want paths optimized. This is fine. The only thing is if you want a path optimized I’m going to need to see conversion data for the whole funnel. In order to do this (assuming you have google analytics installed on your site) you need to hit the ‘edit’ button on the right side of the dashboard for the site you want optimized, then hit ‘add user’ on the top right of the bottom table. This way you can give me read-only access to view funnel-conversion data and I can see the conversion rates for each page on your path. If you give me read-only access I will not be able to make any changes to your account, but I will be able to see reports + data on the conversion rates. If you don’t have analytics, I HIGHLY recommend you install it. It’s extremely easy to install. Also you will have to set up the funnel yourself, which is also very easy to do. So all in all, if you have a path you have some extra steps you need to take before I can start working on your pages.


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I’ll dig up a landing page and shoot you an email. I think it would be good for the forum to show this process.

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this is awesome shit……I wish my mod powers gave me the power to grace thee with multi thanks…..

I will def get on this asap….

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Yeah that’s awesome! Do you do Coreg multi-level pages?

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Originally Posted by danny27

Yeah that’s awesome! Do you do Coreg multi-level pages?


When working with multi-level pages, one very important factor is congruency. Every page should be focused on re-stating your value proposition. In other words, if your ad says ‘lose 10 inches in 10 days’, your headline on the LP should say it again, and every element on that LP should be focused toward proving it, including the rest of the funnel.

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Originally Posted by vivid

I’m willing to use any other service besides Google Website Optimizer if you would prefer this.

what are your split testing tools/scripts of choice?

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Originally Posted by index

what are your split testing tools/scripts of choice?

Google Website Optimizer. It’s really simple

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So what’s the benefit of using Google Website Optimizer over, say, CPV Lab to split-test variables?

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Originally Posted by liane

So what’s the benefit of using Google Website Optimizer over, say, CPV Lab to split-test variables?

there is none. the reason I prefer google apps is because they allow you to give users read-only access, and it’s really simple. Also, I’ve never used CPVLab. Also, I can see the data in real-time, without you having to give me your CPV Lab login info or any kind of account access that would make you uncomfortable since it would give me the ability to mess with any other campaigns you have in the account. Also I know there’s probably some data in there that you don’t want others to see, and I don’t want you guys to feel like i’m going to steal your campaigns.

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email sent.awesome!

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Haven’t heard from you. Hope my details are good enough. When will we be starting this?

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what software are you guys using to create landing pages ?

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Very cool offer! All our pages are offer pages with traffic coming from varying sources so maybe after you run through a few guys and wanna take a crack at a page with lets say 15 traffic sources coming in ill send you one for a case study. Most like it will be in the psychic area

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