FREE SSL Certs for your P202 :)

Hey guys,

I’m not sure if this is already mentioned, and SSL certs are cheap anyway but

FREE > cheap

especially if all we are using it is for tracking and such and not to gain user’s trust.

I’ve done a quick forum search for free ssl and I didn’t see anything.

You can get a free SSL cert for your Prosper 202 install at


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Oh sweet, ill check that out later. Thx

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any catch ? SSL cert is cheap $10/yearly

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Nope no catch at all. It’s the same basic $10/ year cert. I guess they positioned them as loss leaders? Since they DO sell more expensive SSL certs too.

Just thought Stackers might want to know about it. I use them to get extra IPs for me to tunnel as well, since the depletion of IPv4 made it so much more annoying to get extra IPs.

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Any idea on how to install this onto a godaddy hosting+domain ?

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Found the answer

Unfortunately, our shared Hosting accounts do not allow you to install certificates from a third-party provider. You’d need to look into obtaining one from us:
Really sorry for any inconvenience!


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Ahh … Was gonna say the same way you would install any third party certificates.

Generate CSR from control panel, paste CSR key into StartSSL, generate SSL key (ssl.crt), download ca.ser and

Then copy (with notepad) everything inside and paste it ca.cer under what is already inside.

Go back to your control panel. It will probably ask you for a SSL key and CA cert file. Upload ssl.crt and the merged ca.cer.

Ta Da! SSL enabled!

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Thank for this, signed up but they only allow the certs for TLD (Top level domains). I have both my prosper/cpvlab installs on subdomains

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Never used for subdomains but they do allow 1 subdomain yes?

if you don’t put www, you can choose your subdomain

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Do they require you to re-register every year to use the free ssl? I sometimes see that with other providers.

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No idea… Haven’t used them for more than a year

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You can’t, I tried to put in a subdomain, it explicitly states you cannot use a subdomain.

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You can use a subdomain if you own the TLD. It is only not supported when you ONLY own the subdomain i.e.

If you own the TLD as well, you can proceed with the verification then after that it will ask for a subdomain to secure.

I created these certs for my domain.

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Ah I see, it works now. Thanks!

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Glad to help!

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I just tried this and it worked great until I got to the end and they denied the free Class 1 certificate. They said because I had the keyword "deal" in my domain name it looked like I was going to be processing financial transactions and I would have to upgrade to a Class 2 certificate. I responded and let them know that I would not be processing financial transactions but they said that they still couldn’t let me have the Class 1 certificate. All that to say – make sure your domain doesn’t sound "financial" and you can get the free certificate. I will definitely use this on some of my other domains.

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