Frequency CAP In TrafficVance : Best Practices?

What should we set it at? Ive been playing around with it and not sure as to the results…

I heard that after running a campaign for a few days you should make it longer than 24 hours and initially start it with the lowest, so 12 to get more traffic…

Any ideas?

User Comment:
I usually start with 1/72 hours to get the highest "quality" of traffic, then
slowly lower it to see if the increase in traffic dishes down profitability too

That’s just what I do, would love to hear what others do too.

User Comment:
Depends if you want to get all traffic you can immediately ( think campaigns based on trends ) or want to spread it .

For "longterm" campaigns I generally use 1/72 hours or 1 every 5 days.

The Article Published IN 07-31-2011 04:32 PM

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