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Made 45~k in less than 2 months on Facebook, but after going through six accounts I decided I should try my hand at other sources of traffic. This is my first run with IM but I have the idea down. I already have the basic concept of PPV down and I plan on running with Lead Impact to start. Besides that I have no idea what I want to do. I’ve tried to carry over campaigns from FB to LI with little success, direct linking.

Any words of wisdom to point me in the right direction lol? Budget won’t be a problem, and I would ideally like to be able to scale this to at least 1k+ a day with AT LEAST a 50% ROI, ideally 100%+.

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I would start digging through all of the PPV follow alongs and the quick tips in the PPV section. That should get you on the right track and plenty of ideas.

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Just threw up a camp, felt like I needed to do something; seeing lots of awesome ideas, I guess I better get good at making landing pages lol.

The campaign I put on was a email submit based around casey anthony, asks 3 questions then enter email for visa gift card; targetted it at every page pertaining to casey anthony i could find. I know the hype around the case is kind of dead but I’m just trying to get familiar with PPV. Gonna try to get a couple other ideas together to test today.

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Good stuff.

What sort of results did you get?

If your fed up of facebook bans – check some of the posts by polarbacon – they contain some very useful tips.…vBForum_Thread

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Still waiting on approvals. I used about 50 urls scraped with the URL scraper from Affexpert. I made another campaign for an offer for a Golds Gym membership, zip submit, scraped URLs for ‘golds gym’ and I’m gonna give that a whirl too. Also trying this same basic tactic for a couple other offers, make it a productive day.

Wondering if this is basically the correct ‘formula’ for creating campaings on LI? So if I were to get more targetted with the golds gym and say, create a lander catering to womens fitness, target sites about womens fitness, and have them click through to my offer, getting me most likely higher conversion rates. I think I’m getting this down!

And I love facebook, but short of creating an LLC and opening employee accts or using shopsafe CC’s with BOA I won’t be back for awhile sucks cuz it’s so easy.. woulda been better now that I know about coreg too.

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Install the toolbar software on a spare computer. See what type of stuff people are popping and how they’re marketing. It will help a lot.


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spent 10 on an insurance offer and made 3.50 back targetting URLS pertaining to ‘buying a new car…’ so pretty weak. dissaproved all my casey anthony URLS, idk why. Also nike golf has been a huge loser. Am I being far too broad here with my targetting?

also dissaproved more offers..

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