From Munich to Melbourne!

I am Markus from Munich living in Melbourne.

I have been doing SEO and PPC so far.

It was great to meet you at the Affiliate Meetup in Melbourne. Would be great to have a frequent meetup for people in Melbourne or is there anything like that?

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servus markus:-) komm selbst auch aus stuttgart

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Hi Marcus,
I live on the north coast of NSW. In the Byron Bay area. I come from Hannover. Sadly could not make it to the meetup in melbourne.


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Hey Markus!

I don’t know if there is a regular meetup there. But there is certainly depend for one. There is enough Melbournians alone on this forum to make it worth while.

Anywho, welcome on board!

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Sup Markus!

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Welcome to the community mate, nice to see some international publishers here!

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Hey Markus,

Welcome. It was good meeting up with you in Melbourne.

The Article Published IN 07-10-2011 04:53 AM

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