Full page or call to action clickable on LP’s?

Hey guys im new to making landing pages for pof and I was wondering is it best to have the full landing page image be clickable to direct to the offer, or should I only have the call to action clickable to direct to the offer? thanks

User Comment:
Only the CTA should be ok.

I always make the cta & images clickable.

I don’t make the whole lander clickable; people might click by accident somewhere on the lander before reading the contents.

User Comment:
Sometimes when I create a quick lander and I’m lazy I would make the entire image clickable – but I think it’s better to have the right CTA’s clickable only – That way at least I know the CTR is more accurate.

User Comment:
thanks guys got a lp up and using an image map for the images / cta to be clickable well see how it goes

The Article Published IN 08-27-2011 07:05 AM

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