Gaming the Ad Networks – Bidding Strategies 101

Ok boys and girls. I’m going to be talking about some super affiliate bidding strategies that I’ve learned over the years that help me get the most out of selve serve platforms.

You may have seen some of these mentioned but its nice to have it in one place. Remember the name of the game is eCPM or earning per 1000 impressions. Basically the ad networks want to maximize their revenue every time their ad is shown.

Bid High Bid Low – This is a popular one that worked even back in the AdWords days. Simply bid high to get the premium inventory and higher placements equaling higher CTR. Once the system learns that your ads are good you can lower your bids and continue getting volume at a lower rate.

Multiple Starting Bids – Not sure where to start your bid? This is a strategy Mr Green showed me, simply make 3 – 5 of the exact same ad with different bids, and see which one backs out for you most. This worked great when working with MyAds.

1000s Ads – Some networks are easy to game. Just make dozens of variations and make a ton of ads and keep your bids low. For some reason some systems give a burst of traffic to all new ads, so just keep cranking them out. Very easy to do if you use an uploader system.

Multiple Accounts – Tired of bidding wars. Create a bunch of accounts and bid on the same placement, url what have you. This way if someone tries to muscle in you can basically own the #1 #2 #3 #4 bids forcing people out of the game.

Penny Incriments – Most people like to end their bids with 0 or a 5. Why not try to switch it up and use bids like .67 or .31 sometimes all it takes is a penny to put you ahead of the other bidder. Most ad networks only make you pay .01 above the other bidder you’re competing against.

Find the Ceiling – Some traffic sources its good to know where the price ceiling is. Just bid something ridiculous and set your budgets low to get a quick indication. For example with SiteScout sometimes this is very helpful since you won’t pay more than the top bidder and you can quickly see if a placement will ever be worth your time or not!

Up Your Budgets – This was mentioned as a popular strategy for Facebook but it works on other networks as well. Just make your budget something outrageous and watch the traffic flow double or even triple instantly.

WARNING: These are advanced strategies, not a shortcut to making something profitable. Make sure that you know what you’re doing, for example the Up Your Budget techinique can litterally make your run through a few $1000 in ad spend in 10 mins and crash your Prosper (happened to me)!

Do you know of any other bidding stragies… share them here:

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Mother Farker! Awesome post!

Just to add to it….a lot of platforms that are new are riddled with bugs. For example the was a bug on TrafficJunky that allowed you to bid below the "minimum bid" by clicking the downwards arrows in the campaign section. Also, if you have competition you won’t be included as a top bidder unless your campaign budget is set to 20k+.

Do pay attention to the ad serving hierarchy on specific ad platforms. For example some platforms credit the top three bidders with the same volume (so there is no point being number one bidder). Other platforms give the top bidder 80% of traffic. Andddddd theennnn! You need to pay attention to your ad position especially on places like FB and POF, obviously the different positions wield different CTRs (your bid effects those positions).

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Originally Posted by Mr Green

You need to pay attention to your ad position especially on places like FB.

is there ad position on FB ?

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The four ads on the right side.

Being on the first spot will have different results than being fourth.

For me the 3rd and 4th spots are below the fold.

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How can you determine which position your ad will be in? and how can you control placement?

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Originally Posted by minh1204

How can you determine which position your ad will be in? and how can you control placement?

I should have ask this question !

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You cant really manage where your ad shows up. Your bid and bid type cpc/cpm are what affects where your ads are shown. One way to check traffic quality is look at your refferers and you’ll notice a certain ration of vs traffic. If this ratio shifts all of a suddenly it may mean a competitor ourbid you or something else shifted in the marketplace.

Bid high bid low still works on FB, you just have to make sure you have solid ads AND offers.

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Yet again, this forum is golden insight that can save thousands of dollars for paid traffic noobs.

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Great post dude thanks!

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Bid High, Bid Low works great on Facebook some of the local markets I operate in start out at $1+ per click but end up trending around .28 once the ad’s been up for a day.. Whereas if I go in and start with a .28 bid my ad never gets traction/views.

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For high/low on FB. If you bid as high as $1 for the first day, do you just cap at like $5 or $10 and then bump the cap the next day when the clicks are cheaper? I’ve found when I bid high on FB, I’ll lose a lot of money testing images with very bad ROI. How do you test images and minimize the loss?

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