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1. I’ve identified some placements that are converting high for me, but I still don’t have enough data(low impressions) to go direct media buy. Should I separate it out as a new managed placements campaign?

Would doing so get me more impressions on that placement?

2. Should I throw a few different placements under 1 managed placements campaign, or separate each placement as its own campaign?

3. I have 5 ads with 8 different sizes on 5 different adgroups. The problem is that all the ads are not getting impressions evenly, therefore it’s hard to decide on which to keep.

The same ad that is of different size would sometimes have totally different CTR & CPA. Some ads would get low to no impressions at all, making it hard to decide.

How would you go about this?

4. Is there a fast way to prune ads? If there’s 1 ad that totally sucks, and has 8 different sizes in 5 adgroups, that means there would be 40 ads to click to delete.

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can’t you set up rules that will do this automatically? I thought you could….prune ads that is….

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Hey Shanktank…

1. Busting them out in a new campaign isn’t going to get you more impressions. You just need to increase the bids per placement.
2. I would take all the winners and put them in a separate campaign, 1 placement per adgroup.
3. Use Google’s conversion tracking, which will show you the CPA at the ad level.
4. Just because an ad doesn’t work for one placement doesn’t mean you want to eliminate it from all placements. You need to find the winners on a per-site basis…

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Thanks for the replies.

Today, Google stopped sending me any traffic at all, all my campaigns got 0 impressions.
Any idea what this could possibly mean?

A slap coming? Possible ban? Someone reported my landing page as deceptive/scammy?

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check your QS, could have dropped extremely low

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Originally Posted by jamesruhles

check your QS, could have dropped extremely low

Display Network campaigns have no visible QS. How to check?

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1. Zero impressions usually means you CPC is too low or your ads need to be trimmed. Switch to "auto bid" and you will see some traffic come back.
2. Under "automated rules" you can trim you ads based upon any matrix you desire
3. Once I put my campaigns under the conversion tracker I had some better results. Knowing which ad is converting and which isn’t is a great piece of data.
4. I haven’t gone as far as targeting my campaigns yet but tracking which sites are clicking and converting has really helped me trim my campaigns and only show ads to audiences that actually convert and not ‘Just Click Ads’

I have one campaign that is eligible for the ‘conversion optimizer’ tool and for some reason I can’t seem to get it to show up in the settings. Anyone experienced this before?

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It means your account is being either reviewed or slapped. wait a few days, or contact them and see whats up (good luck with that, but i’ve gotten through a few times). Do you use the adwords editor software? That could pause your ads fast. Also set your ads to distribute evenly to get them equal impressions.

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I got back a reply from them, seems to be under review.
"Thank you for your email. It appears that you have some questions about
why your ads are not appearing. When I reviewed your account, I found that
it’s currently under review by specialists."

Any idea how long it will take?
And what they are looking for if they were to ban me?

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Who cares if they ban you, ive been banned… fixed my things and they reinstate you… banning doesnt mean shit to google unless they say you’ve been banned for life on all accounts ..

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It’s important because it’s advertising a site with long-term income. The brand is there already and I can’t just easily change domains.

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the review is normal, dont stress about it just give it a few days. happens periodically

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My account’s been under review for more than a week already.

Daksneezian, how long does the review typically last for you?
Do you think it’d be a good idea if I create another account? Can’t cover my tracks though, since I need to advertise my own offer/site.

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sometimes a few days, but depends on how busy they are

have you contacted them yet? dont make another account yet, but make sure you contact them to see what really is up. Maybe it is even something simple like your credit card declining or something dumb like that (happened to me with my visa before i switched to amex)

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Yes, I have been in contact with them.

I kept pushing them, and they kept telling me that it will take some time, not sure how long, won’t email you about it when it’s done, doing this because we want to assure quality BS, yada yada yada.

The thing that made me mad today is: They sent me an email saying that none of my ads are running on Google and asked if I need some help. I know it’s not their fault since the email was sent out automatically. But it pissed me off for a second. LOL

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lol ya i can see how that would be aggravating.

Now you just gotta wait, that means at least you werent banned outright take the time and put up your campaign on other networks if possible.

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Them bastards finally got back to me and banned me.

It has come to our attention that your Google AdWords account Customer ID
XXXXXXX is related to another account which has repeatedly violated
our Misleading and Inaccurate Claims policy.

The Article Published IN 06-11-2011 02:08 PM

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