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i wanna promote some groupon and daily deal offers here in GER – but i’ve a question, it seems to me that in the us and uk everybody gets CPA / PPL money. Here in GER all groupon and dailydeals are only PPS / Pay per Sale. If someone buy something, i get 10% from the price without tax.

Or are the UK and US dealnetworks pay per sale, too?

Don’t unterstand how to be profit just if someone realy buy direct after clicking the ad :- /

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Hey ,

it doesn’t have to be after they click the ad.

Most networks have a 30 day cookie , so means even if they buy after 30 days you will still get credited for the sale.

Check with the network to see cookie lifetime.

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Hey bbrock,
but how big is the chance the customer go back to groupon or dailydeal within 30 days and will buy? Don’t have any experience with groupon or dailydeal. i must generate mass of traffic to increase my chance that someone will buy, or did i get something wrong?

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