Get New Acct. on Adwords after Ban

I was banned a couple years ago from Google for the whole Gov. Grants, Home Biz deal. Not happy at the time since I was never given warning but I guess who really was. Anyways I think I am ready to give them another chance but I am wondering the best steps to take to make sure my new acct. is not banned since these accts are all linked together.

Google Adwords New Acct. Steps?


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I have 3 different hosting accounts from 3 different services. Is it recommended that I purchase totally different domains on separate servers/hosting companies?

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in an effort to keep things as one searchable thought…..gonna lock this thread down….. please post any further questions you may have in the above mentioned thread….…eing-Banned-V2

The Article Published IN 06-23-2011 05:58 PM

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