Getting a good CTR with advertiser’s in-game images

I tried using the images of the game offer I’m promoting to target users who like a different game – didn’t work out, CTR wise.

The advertiser doesn’t allow the use of NON in-game images / in-game images of OTHER games, so I’m pretty limited by the images I can use.

Anyone has any advice?

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i dunno if "in game images only" means that you have to use an image "as is" but i guess you could just use parts of the images and make many variations.

4 images x 4 sizes x 4 borders x 4 call to actions = 256 images to test
then flip the images horizontally…

let’s take this beautiful little guy on the left…

now imagine if you had two different characters on your image.

1 x character A
1 x character B
1 x character A + B
1 x character A + game logo

sounds like a combinatorial nightmare to me 🙂

dunno if this helps but I would go in this direction…

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WOW! That’s awesome! 🙂

Have you actually tested it out?

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that’s what we all do with every single campaign I guess, especially if we want to suck out PoF and FB 🙂

for image automation have a look at this thread:…s-With-1-Click

if you have photoshop you might want to learn more about "actions" in connection with "batch procession"

otherwise you might want to check out

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Have you played the game?

Magic Button: "Print Screen"

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