getting popped over?

When i’m setting up my ppv campaigns and designating my urls for my LP/pops i’m usually for eg. doing it this way


does this mean that anyone who is bidding on

maturedating etc will be popping over me?? should i be doing this differently? i’ve guess i’ve just learnt doing it like that from watching vids/case studies etc but using these keyowrds in your url will get you popped on right?

i just noticed pops coming up when testing my LP’s and i checked if someone was bidding on my domain but they were’nt so this is the conclusion I came too. I just never read anywhere NOT to do this and did’nt think anything of it until now…

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Yes if any of those keywords are in your domain name they will show pop ups based on that. What you can do is change the folder names to something non relevant. Ive actually had LI disapprove keywords that were apart of my domain URL. Its retarded.

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cheers james! thats what i was thnking……surprised i’ve never heard this pointed out before, although I shoulda figured it out earlier. Just changed my urls… interesting to see how it affects by CTR and CR!

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Li wont pop over a pop directly, but gamevance could pop over a LI popup!

Things to do:

* target the click through to self, ie <a href="" target="_self">
* load your landers with https (stops intext ads from TV and 50onred and I think popups on TV)

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Are you sure about LI not poping over a LI pop? I have had it happen with direct links on LI.

Also, can you clarify how targeting to self would help. Does opening in the same window not trigger a pop because Hotbar recognizes that window as a pop itself?


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I’ve seen LI pop over LI pops and pages that linked from pops. Shady…


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Just change domains or if you feel in a bad mood just DDOS the other guy’s server

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