Giving up the day job and taking 6 months to

Giving up the day job and taking 6 months to have a proper crack at IM in the UK

Hi all,

I’ve been lurking on here for a month and learned a lot, it seems that there are a lot of knowledgeable helpful people here and no scams.

I’ve been a contractor in the UK for 10 years running teams of developers who are building big ecommerce sites like GAME.COM, and others (yes unfortunately my core skillset is Microsoft). I’ve realised my actions have helped other people make money on the web without doing it for myself.

Anyway, whilst looking into an issue raised by an affiliate about his commission during one of the big game releases last xmas I realised the astonishing amount of money this guy was making (and he sounded stoned each time I spoke to him).

Since then I’ve had an interesting path to get here, created / brought some sites, made some money with SEO and facebook ads. I’ve also spent a lot of money buying crappy products. I’ve got tired of late nights working on IM after a long days work and putting the kids to bed and have decided to have a proper all out fully committed attempt to make this work.

I am going to take 6 months off paid work (which will hopefully turn into a lifetime) and use money I had put aside for my kids inheritance to pay the bills and fund my split tests. I’ve got five kids the youngest of which is four weeks old so this had better work!

I’m just working out my notice period now so won’t be doing much till next month, but I will post how I’m getting on and be an active member of the site.


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Hey man, good luck! Are you making decent $ now? I would be careful of quitting your job all out until you are at least making a good amount online.

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I’m not making decent money now, but that’s more down to not having enough time to focus on this or being too tired to think straight when I do. I’m fairly relaxed about quitting the job since I work freelance and am used to finding work quickly. The only thing I’m worried about is not making this work…

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Oh and thanks for the "good luck"

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Cool. I just want to make sure you are good in that end. Freelance -> IM is a lot easier than Salary -> IM

If there is any way I can help let me know!

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Set goals for where you want to be in each month.
By the end of month 1, month 3, etc.

Give yourself no choice but to succeed, and you will.

Also, pick only 1-2 traffic sources/method and master them before you move on. Jumping around will get you nowhere and you won’t learn and skills that can build you a long term income.

In three months you’ll be like wow…. I got nowhere from doing that.

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Yeah, good luck with that. Keep plodding no matter what. 90+% give up.

Make sure you’re not one of them. If you feel yourself feeling the breeze the guys here will help you all they can. Don’t wait for the Olympics – go for gold NOW!

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Hey OP, I have belief in your efforts and you will surely earn big commissions with in these 6 months

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You can do it! I heard a quote once "80% of Success is Just Showing up."

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you can do it! but don’t think that it will be easy..affiliate marketing is hard work and you need to stay focussed and motivated to see’s a long way to get successful in this industry but this forum will help you alot and save you time! take a look the the older case studies focus on one traffic source (i would suggest fb or pof to start) and try to make it work..even if a campaign fails you’ll learn alot…80% of my campaigns fail but the other 20% will make up for that..thats just the game…maybe you’ll hit a winner within a few weeks but it could also take months…many beginners think they can make the big money with little to no work easily..but thats bullshit in my eyes….be realistic with that and you can make it…wish you the best!

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To add to that……this is an up and down biz and anyone who tells you otherwise is full of shit…..make as much money as you can when the sun shines on you…..because you will have times when nothing is working… matter how "stable" it feels….

If you have a working (profitable) camp plow every last coin you have into maxing it out……and ride it till its a dead horse….

old mentality….keep your losses tight and let your profits run……..and TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST

just my 2 cents

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Good luck mate.

Although totally new to this side of things, I went full time as an affiliate marketer using SEO early this year.

It was the best decision i ever made. From struggling to fit things in around a day job I had total control over my future destiny.

Ive had some ups and downs but if you give it everything then its hard to fail. Like others have said the difference between success and failure is within your own hands……go for it mate

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Good luck mate. I quit my job in the UK at the start of this year to focus on this full-time (well, that and spend more time with my wife & kids, cos I was working away a lot).

Best thing I ever did!

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Unless you have a family or other "real" expenses I say scale back your lifestyle and go for it.

When I quit my fulltime job I wasn’t even an aff yet I just wanted to do consulting. I was moonlighting a little bit but didn’t have enough clients to cover my rent, but I said screw and knew if I could focus on finding new clients I can make rent. Literally on my first Monday after leaving full time employment I got a call from someone who found an SEO blog I had and wanted to hire me as a contractor. This call turned into my biggest client and within 2 months I made more money in less time than I did as a full time employee.

My point is sometimes you just gotta go for it and things just seem to fall into place.

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I did AM while working as a software engineer. Once I started hitting $500-$2k/day consistently, I quit my job. It actually took me a year to achieve that. I personally wouldn’t recommend quitting unless you’re already making good money with AM.

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There will be a ton of opinions on what you should do as everyone who has quit their job has had different experiences. Just use everyone’s experiences so you mentally know the best and worst case scenario’s you can fall into. The key thing to remember is you’ll need to give it 6 proper months of testing and learning before you can call it quits, just like anything else this 99% of the time isn’t an quick $$ in 2 days business. At the other end though there are a lot of people who have made big $ doing this full though and you seem to have proper background knowledge t give you the boost you need!

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Just make sure you have enough saving for the next 12 months bro!
Set your goal for month 1, month 2, month 3 etc.
Don’t be discouraged when you lost/don’t make money.
Don’t give up! Work even harder than when you were working your full time job.
Set your mindset that you are going to be successful and you will be
When you are successful don’t get complacent, keep working hard full steam

I quit my job about 3 months ago and I lost about 3-4k testing campaigns. It’s painful but keep going! I am now earning profit more than my full time job salary (and yearly bonuses)

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"Dream big, and dare to fail." – Norman Vaughn (total all around badass, check him out)

Easy to say but real hard to actually man up and do. I wish you the best of luck man.

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Yeah I love it! ha i haven’t mentioned this on here before but I quit concreting (was only an interim job for the last year) about 2months ago before i’d made anything lol, dunno, I just believed I could do this. I had some cash saved up and decided to give myself 6months to have a proper go at it and in the last week got my first winning campaign and ~$25 profit yesterday

So i’m sure you can definitely do this and starting out with the experience you already have should hold you in good stead. I know i’ve gone on about it a bit but seriously doing this 30 day Challenge that i’m doing publicly is really whats helped me turn the corner, honestly i’ve learnt 10x more and progressed 10x faster in the last 3weeks than I did in the 3months prior. It just forced me to take huge action and do it every day, and the feedback,support and knowledge i’ve gotten from these forums has been invaluable, it really has made a big change in my life, my mindet and my approach to everything really. I can’t recommend strongly enough that you do this. It forced me to really give 110% and be accountable for what I completed every day (and still going….)

You’ll read it a lot if you search around here but if i could back 3-4months and start over to fast track things this is how I would go about it, i’m not saying this is the only way by any means but it is what has worked for me so far-

1) Get comfortable with the tech side (which should’nt be a prob for you) ie building LP’s, tracking software blahblah

2) Join EWA/WSM then a bunch of others i guess…

3) Choose one traffic source. I chose to start with PPV using LeadImpact.

4) Pick 1 vertical and stick with it until you make it work. If i went back to the start i would go straight to dating as thats what is getting me results at the moment. I started with auto-insurance only to find that after not having much success I spoke to a couple of my affiliate managers and they both said that auto-insurance wasn’t performing that well overall as a vertical and I should prob change. Which leads me too…

4) Talk to your affiliate manager. Lol up until a few weeks ago I was a bit hesitant to bother my affiliate manager because I was doing like 0 traffic and 0 conversions and didn’t want to waste his time. Fuck that waste his time and save yours by getting the right info off him, find out what vertical are performing well, choose one that interests you, then find out what offers are performing best in that vertical. He wants you to make $$$$! If I had of done this to start I would’ve saved myself probably 3 weeks and $500 ha

5) Once you’re comfortable and got a good process/system for launching your campaigns, do something like the 30 day follow along i’m doing and go crazy launching. As much as i learnt loooooads reading the forums and they are great for ideas, you obviously learn fastest by doing it and taking action.

Hope that helps mate. Good Luck and Go Hard!

ha oh cool you scored my 100th post too!

ps. and ooohhhh forget about email submits for gift cards and shit, they suck ass.

the end

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Great post iwanturcoin,

Ive been following your progress closely and for me its the way to go. Maybe I’ll have to do my own challenge to give me the discipline and focus…and of course the hands on learning

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Find one niche and master it.

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Welcome to the community mate, let me know if you need anything!

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