GoDaddy’s New "Selective DNS Blackouts" Policy…_Blackouts.htm

"One example of a service affected by the "Selective DNS Blackout" policy is a niche search engine in development that helps people locate local businesses."

I’m presuming they want discourage any service/business that they may want to provide themselves?

I previously avoided GD just so I wasn’t haunted by Eddie Munster’s, er I mean Danica’s werewolf hairline. But this…

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run your own dns….its easy to do….once I set my first one up…I never looked back….

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Just one more reason why I don’t have any domains with GoDaddy anymore.

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I have all my dns with dnsmadeeasy for the past few years. They have a killer failover service for any unexpected downtime. It is amazing how little thought is put into dns service. It is also amazing it still works like it does. I think it is a major weak point in the future of the internet but I am not smart enough to figure out a better solution.

The Article Published IN 09-06-2011 06:50 PM

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