For some reason I’ve just hit a campaign that’s giving me a CTR of 40% and a ROI of .. wait for it … 11,168%

If only I could hit this every day eh?

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Yea yea! Keep at it

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after how much impressions? i’m pretty sure the ctr will drop drasticly after a couple thousand impressions

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Seems like the stats haven’t updated yet.

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Impressions = 1298 (tallys with the network). Usually I set my lander to open in the same browser window, but I must have nudged the mouse and set it to open in a new browser window. Maybe that’s the ‘lost chord’ I was looking for? LOL

Anyone having issues with LI today? My traffic suddenly stopped despite being active and funded. Having difficulty logging in to LI right now.

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Ive had difficulties logging into LI before it worked for me the next day I thought I was banned when I wasnt. They also stopped auto charging my card that day but now it works all of a sudden lol.

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It’s been really annoying having a traffic source suddenly dry up. Almost as annoying as me hustlin’ really hard to get myself accepted for an offer normally only open to ‘the big dogs’ and then to find that the traffic source can’t click through the offer due to some foul up at the network redirecting them to some dog shit offer. It’s like flooring it towards a red light. I’ll use my commission to have my hair stuck back on.

Ah, but we love it really …..

The Article Published IN 07-21-2011 02:35 PM

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