Google called me, should I call back?

Hey guys, Google gave me a routine call regarding my AdWords account and left me a voicemail asking if I needed any help or to discuss the account. Now I’m wondering if I should call them back? I’m running mobile Search campaigns and direct linking offers from affiliate networks… I obviously don’t want to lose my account but I’m not sure exactly what to tell them if they ask me about what I’m promoting. I’m not really promoting anything shady so should I have anything to worry about? I know they hate affiliates… If I ignore them will it be better or worse?

ANY advice is much appreciated or if anyone else has some kinda experience with this please tell me your story Thanks!

User Comment:
You are a Agency/Media business!!

So yes – give them a call – be like a real business and you will see things changing.

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Yes call them back big boy! Certainly would have liked a call before they nuked my account in the rebill days after letting me run it for a damn year.

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ass long as you are following the TOS you should have no issue… them back…

The Article Published IN 10-04-2011 10:18 PM

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