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In my effort to branch out from facebook I’ve been looking at GCN. I’ve heard all the horror stories about peoples accounts getting banned and it seems like getting another account on Google is much harder then on FB. So with that said… what type of offers/landing pages are allowed on GCN?

Obviously I figure that the typical flog/farticle promoting weight loss and/or biz opp are out of the question. Mobile submits as well.

Is it just a matter of being creative with your landers – ie, making something more legit, and then running CPA offers on the backend?

Also – if I did link to something that was out of their TOS is it an instant ban immediately?

Really just looking for some general information about GCN because that, and SiteScout, are my two primary traffic sources now.

User Comment:
Fuck it. Took the dive in. Got disapproved already. Ha ha! Nothing major though, just learning the ropes. Powerful as hell engine. Booyah!

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I’m in the same boat as you, I’ve signed up again after being banned a few years ago seen as I have moved house (new card/address) and have a new laptop.

Just not jumped into it yet as I’ve heard all of the same rumours about being banned left, right and centre so I don’t want to compromise the account off the bat.

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Ha ha – yeah man, after reading everyone’s experiences on here I was pretty scared that it’d go instantly. I’m being careful though – trying to run offers that are compliant with their TOS. Although I can see how people killed it when they allowed farticles/flogs.

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Well I am running into a redirect problem… trying to promote a UK offer that redirects to a typical survey offer or something when on a US IP… so they keep disapproving my ad because of an ‘inappropriate Display URL’.


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