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Further to PolarBacons post about Google Lab tools (found here), I found this brand new tool which provides some pretty cool insights.

What Does it Do?
Compares historical search trend data for a keyword or phrase you enter, against other terms which experienced a similar spike in searches, at the same time.

Example 1 ‘Acai’
What other search terms experienced an increase in search volume when searches for the term ‘acai’ increased and decreased?

Answer: (according to Google in descending order)
what is acai berry
acai supplements
acai berry reviews
buy acai
what is acai
acai berry in stores
where can i buy acai
acai berry work
acai berry supplements

Example 2 ‘Best Car Insurance’
When people search for the term ‘best car insurance’ what other terms experience an increase and decrease in search queries?

Answer: (according to Google in descending order)

cheap places
kaplan online
how to start
casas de renta
how to get a job
enterprise car sales
place to rent
where to sell
dry hair
get license…ance&t=weekly#

It can provide some pretty cool angles and insight to what prospective ‘conversion/customer’ is thinking/searching for when searching for a product or service.

User Comment:
Ya its more about a "correlating search pattern" which sometimes just means nothing…..other than patterns of search look similar on google trends……which is basically what this is….google trends in reverse….

its really meant for people to enter date and time info and find searches that have a similar trend…..which I will say is useful….but it doesn’t mean that the people looking for car insurance are looking for dry hair…it just means to google the "search trend" looks the same….

would be interesting for a case study though……and to see if the trend patterns do connect……

The Article Published IN 06-09-2011 07:05 AM

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