Google: What Specific Offers Should We Run?

Ok so Google is HUGE and I just got my account reinstated… clap clap clap!

Now I know Amazon, CJ, and Shareasale etc offers work with Adwords, but I’m more of a CPA kinda guy and I like working with networks since I get paid weekly by most, so, can anyone share some specific offers from networks that work on Google and i wont get banned for?

So just curious to hear some thoughts on this as Adwords is huge and Im just too scared to promote anything now.. :/

I saw some flower delivery offers in some networks, they could work, what about those long page bizz opps that are CPS or those penny auction pages? They are all CPS right so will they work??

Just confused on what to run and a bit scared lol.. Google accounts are hard to make these days

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Your best bet to do CPA on Adwords is to create a list, auto insurance, health, beauty, or any other niches u can think of that doesn’t violate their policy will do good there. But don’t go for the "being" too creative way too much as your list subscribers might report you as a spammer and hence your email service might kick you out for using their service again.

Just my 2 cents.

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Do you know if its safe to send people directly to the cpa after the optin through lets say an aweber form? I dont think their bots can detect where the aweber forms sends people, only thing im afraid is of manual checks so maybe have it not redirect anywhere after the optin then switch it once i get traffic? Doubt they will come back to it and see where the form goes…

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Their bot "might not" find out what you’re doing right after the your opt-in page, what about the occasional human review guy from Google? Since there is Google + now, people are being more engaging, so if your opt-in page gets way too many bad reviews or on-going negative buzzes, it might trigger the Google’s ban hammer. Why don’t just play safe and put more effort into learning how to do it the K.I.S.S way and be really legitimate.

Nothing really comes easy when it comes to consistency though, but once you crack the Google Adwords’ pie, you will yield massive success from it really.

You can just do something like this for example :

1. Create list on Adwords using some low CPC keywords ( normally those long-tail keywords ) for a particular niche, say Auto Insurance.

2. Pick a strategy for your email responder like what sequence you would like to use, for instance, you wanna deliver the msg/offer to your subscribers right after they optin or send them something really "USEFUL" 1st then only send them the auto insurance offer out that says this service might save you 70% of your current auto insurance rate.. blah blah blah you get the idea.

3. Maintain, scale or expand to other niches as there are way too many of them.

4. When you feel you’re ready and really like it, you can just create your own products like others or get the Jordan’s idea ( stackman ) from his blog posts as to get some good deals from website like and resell it by using Adwords.

Hope all of this helps a little.


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@wyffgoal: Thanks for the great information!

If you have the time, could you please go into more detail on the email sequence? This is something I’ve been struggling with for a while – but I really want to start building some solid lists.

Or I could PM you if you’d rather do that

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There is nothing much I can tell regarding email sequence as there isn’t "one answer" to that question. Every marketer has his/her own strategy to stick with though, the thing I can definitely tell you is as long as you provide something that really benefits your subscribers, they will be happy and eventually you will make more money from those happy subscribers. As we all know, top quality information and content is the way to go if you wanna build something really "SOLID". If you really wanna learn the way of building solid content or email list, I urge you follow some top marketers that really give out some cool stuff always, for example, Frank Kern although there are so many people dislike him as he’s somewhat a BS Guru or whatsoever, I still find myself learning a lot from him as in marketing strategy and building up a solid list or relationship with your potential customers.

Besides, I really love this guy as for building up super solid relationship with your readers/customers and also top quality content, I urge you read his shit at

This guy is one of the stand-up guy that’s being very transparent and I really learn a lot from this guy for creating high quality content.

I’m sorry as I can’t teach you how to do all these step-by-step, but my advice is to really follow some top guys and optin to their lists and see how they write their email sequence or so. When it comes to creating a solid email list, it’s really all about your high quality content and the way you treat your subscribers. If you treat them good, they will treat you good as a return too. Once you build up this kinda relationship with you list, they will just sign up whatever shit you recommend. But 1st thing 1st, provide something that you can really help them and benefit them, rather a solution to a problem but not just something that only entertains them. Providing good solutions to your subscribers’ problems will always lead you to a solid business in the future.

For example, your list is in the weight loss niche. You provide a solution to these desperate people that wanna put off some weight and 90% of them find your solution effective and really works, then you really can’t imagine how "sticky" they can be as most of them will be your forever followers and future customers.

Hope this clears up a little bit and helps you in some way.


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It definitely did man, I checking out that blog right now. Thanks!

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np dude =)

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