Great Conv Optimization Report & Ad Examples

Just read this.…ion.Report.pdf

Its a great 27 page report with tons of screenshots about how you can double, or tripple your profits by adopting multi level campaign optimization.

Even better, it includes tons of screenshots of ads like this:

For weightloss, make money, win free ipads, etc etc.…ion.Report.pdf

Check it out

As an extra tip – you probably all know about compound interest. The same principle can be used to quickly work out the small improvements you need to make to double your profits.

Heres a little example.

Lets say you have a landing page using PPV.

Revenue = Views x CTR x ConvRate x Payout
10000 views x 10% ctr x 25% cr x $1.30 = $325

That means there are 4 steps to calculate your revenue.

Using the Law of 72, its easy to work out what % increase you need at each step to double your revenue.

72/4 = 18% improvement.

So all you need is

so an additional 1800 views
11.8% ctr
29.5% cr
payout $1.5

To double your income.

Heres an example i did a while back on Adsense.

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That pdf has one of my original creatives in it! It has got some awesome tips in there.

Thanks for sharing that Tijn, great info and creatives inspiration.

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which one?

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This was waht i exactly needed….

thank you!

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Great find Tijn!

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The result of taking baby steps, I totally forgot about this rule

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