Greetings New Stackers

Awesome! Welcome on Board!!

Before you start digging through the forum, have a look through the following list of posts. This will help you get started and find your way around the STM quickly.

At the end of the day – your here to learn. This post will help you do that quicker 😉

The Rules

No big ugly terms to agree to when you signup. This is not a dictatorship and I trust you know whats right and not when it comes to adding value to this forum.

So there are no extensive rules. Just a couple of common sense requests really. Have a look through before you go anywhere else:

  • No obvious product/sevice pitches unless its in the buy/sell forum
  • Dont post other members campaign details (ie as a result from spying) – specifically PPV and PoF any campaigns you spot likely belong to our members. Specifically dont highlight keywords & domains. Screenshots are ok.
  • Be civil and constructive
  • Have fun
  • Learn
  • Take action
  • Give back and share your own tips, tricks and follow alongs
  • Limit the use of PM’s – let others benefit from your questions

Note though – if you are a network owner – please check this thread. There are some special rules for you!

Do this before you go anywhere else

  1. Introduce yourself to the STM crowd
  2. Update your profile with an avatar
  3. Watch "How To Find Stuff" (to follow)

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