Groupon in Trouble for Misleading Advertising

Some heat on Groupon ads in the UK press…to-Europe.html


".. legal papers accusing the company of "bait and switch" advertising .." (surely not ..)


".. filed a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority, claiming that at least two of the offers Groupon was promoting simply didn’t exist…"


".. The ASA Council may also advise Groupon "not to advertise sales promotions if they could not demonstrate they were genuine".

Explains the landing page approvals

User Comment:
Well aside from other factors causing this, it’s not like groupon can create/delete ads on adwords daily for each offer in each region for every country… People have to much time on there hands if they’re complaining about a coupon that they havn’t even paid for

The Article Published IN 03-30-2011 06:08 PM

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