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Hey guys,

I’m in the process of applying for some Groupon offers and I just got the feedback from the advertiser regarding my ads and landing pages.

"we dont want to advertise for certain cities, so we prefer in your city not in Marseille or any other city".

Has anybody received this kind of feedback?
Do you actually follow these guidelines?
It seems weird that of all advertisers Groupon, which their business is based on city targeting, don’t want to use the city name in the ad.

What do you think?

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Looks like they dont want "certain" cities meaning they may not have many deals for bumblefuck towns and feel that your misleading the users reducing their quality on the back end.

Next time hide your landers and ads.

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I can understand why they would say that. If you have landers or creatives that dynamically display the users city, they will assume that Groupon actually has a setion specifically for their city, even if they are 80 miles from one they actually have.

Basically a CYA so there’s nothing misleading.

Yeah what AngryRussian said. This is why you don’t write half a post and come back 30 mins later to finish it.

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Thanks Russian, but I’m working with Neverblue and I was required to send a lander and ads in order to get approved on the offers.
Do I even have an option?
Besides, according to Jordan’s Singapore follow along he submitted the landing page so I don’t see any other way to get approved.

Regarding the lack of deals – sounds strange to me, first because I used Marseille in the ad, so it’s not exactly a "bumblefuck" town.
Second, because they have no problem with me targeting the whole country including 1k population towns as long as I don’t mention the city name in the ad.

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Thanks Parthenon, now I get it.
OK, so assuming I’m only targeting cities with a dedicated section am I good to go with this kind of landing page and ad?

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Originally Posted by johnny the doe

Thanks Parthenon, now I get it.
OK, so assuming I’m only targeting cities with a dedicated section am I good to go with this kind of landing page and ad?

You’ll be okay on the quality, but I won’t say that the advertiser would be cool with it since they specifically already asked you not to =P. Cloak it dude.

This is why alot of the local daily deals offers required city level targeting earlier this year, but that’s a retarded way to do it because there’s only a handful of viable traffi soures that have good volume and allow city level targeting and I think they finally realized that. I know when I ran groupon UK they we’re even geo-redirecting if the IP was not recognized as a london IP which was totally ridiculous and a major pain in the ass.

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@ Jonny

Bait and switch to get creatives and landing pages approved.

Then make sure to cloak like a mo fo and run whatever you need to get it to convert.

Before we get further into this issue… does not using the city name killed you campaign? If not then take the lower ROI and keep running better to stay compliant and avoid issues down the line if its still profitable.

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Hey Russian,

I haven’t really tried the landing page yet so I don’t know if it’s going to work without mentioning the city name.
My hunch is to do as you said – keep it compliant in the cost of a lower ROI so I’ll be able to run it longer.

Regarding the whole city / national targeting issue – when promoting daily deals offers (for this matter let’s take non-Groupon ones) is it common (and appropriate) to target smaller towns as well (which aren’t mentioned in the landing page city drop down menu)?
Does this targeting convert?

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Groupon is a serious pain in the ass.

From my experience they are very tough to deal with – especially if running on Facebook. They force you to use landing pages – and they have to approve it.

Majority of the deals being offered are in major cities. You risk quality if you run obscure towns with deals that are likely to never be there.

With all the crap of dealing with Groupon its still the best converting deals offer. Just know what you are letting yourself in for. Talk to your AM and be transparent.

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