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looked through the forums and didn’t see anything about creating groups. Whether it be a facebook/pof/ppv group etc. It’s not that I am looking for someone to hold my hand

More like, I’d like to bounce ideas off each other. I’m primarily focused on facebook at this time. Well, just thought I’d mention it. If anyone is interested in working together or just discussing different facebook ideas, feel free to pm me. It won’t be a one way street
I can bring some things to the table as well.


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Mastermind groups can work very well if they are kept small (say 3 to 5 members), your all at about the same level, and all members contribute equally. Be very clear though about basis on which you share the info iyour group.

One of the main benefits I found is that it creates accountability. Ie "you said you were gona create 5 campaigns and you did 1?"

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that sounds great. I’m hoping others are interested as well. Yes accountability is important.

The Article Published IN 06-21-2011 08:56 PM

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