Guitar Anybody?

Does anybody play the guitar?

If so, what kinda guitar do you have/play?

I have 3:

1) PRS Tremonti SE
2) Fender Stratocaster (American)
3) Ovation acoustic electric (forgot the model number).

Will post pics later!

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started to learn bass…then had baby….so no time anymore….but its a goal I have…always wanted to learn

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Learn on a MusicMan, they’re awesome .

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I play the ukulele.

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took lessons for a year or so, got really into it, then guitar moved down the scale of priorities. That said, I inherited a badass les paul that I’m in love with. Also have a takamine acoustic electric. I love that thing too.

I crank up the half stack and chug out some riffs every now and then. When I drop the 9-5 and free up my evening time I’m sure I’ll play a lot more.

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Got an ibanez wes borland 7 string. Not much time to play anymore, but was fun when I had the time in college/high school

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i’ve mainly played acoustic and sang but I recently sold my studio, acoustics, everything, bought a Fender Strat (American) recently and a TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 for vocals

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Have an Ibanez S for when I want to wank off. Also have an original Ibanez ATK bass (95) that I used for touring. American telecaster also floating around here somewhere.

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Cool to see other guitar players here! Makes me want to pick mine back up

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Good stuff. I’ve found myself not having much time to play either, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t work with my guitar in my lap sometimes .

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My main guitar is a Carvin that I ordered from their custom shop.

Also have a Japanese-made 1994 Ibanez RG570CT and an Epiphone Les Paul Custom with EMG81/85 pickups in it.

Went through a metal/shred phase, a blues phase, a gypsy jazz phase, and now I’m getting into some of the Candyrat artists like Ewan Dobson so I may be picking up an acoustic soon.

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Carvin’s make legit high quality guitars — good choice. I have a Carvin bass around my house somewhere. Really a very well made, great sounding guitar.

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Started playing some years ago.
Ibanez RG920QM
BC Rich JRV Platinum
Pearl Les Paul 71′
Fender Mexican Strat
some cheap Ibanez Gio bass

Yamaha CPX 900
Hofner Concert Guitar

Lots of guitar but no time for it anymore.

Cool to see so many guitarists among the fellow stackers. What kind of styles were you mainly into?

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I dibble dabble with my acoustic here/there!

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Been playing for a good 8 years now – mostly electric, and mostly metal, classic rock, and the blues. Got myself a:
– LTD MH-400
– Ibanez VBT700 (Flying V *drool*)
– Washburn v-100… or something like that
– Norman acoustic

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PRS Single Cut with Trem (mine has the knobs replaced with ebony ones instead of the chrome) and my plate covering the electrical work is signed by Paul himself.


Baby Taylor

. . . . and I don’t play any of them between my 10 month old twins work and wife it’s either AM or guitar. . . and well I’d rather make money. Guess I better figure out how to stop losing it lol.

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Originally Posted by jonas33h

between my 10 month old twins work and wife it’s either AM or guitar. . ..

Same here. Used to play when I got home. Now I only have time for AM (except on some weekends).

American Strat (that blackie look for playing the Clapton-like blues)
les paul for ACDC stuff- Santa brought me last Christmas (I know I know, thats not Angus’s guitar, but it sure is sweeeeet).

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^^^^^^ sounds about right to me!

Hmm, lots of guitar players — any correlation between musical talent/interest and the affiliate lifestyle?

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Ibanez RG565 (Laser Blue)
ESP Distressed Strat w/floyd rose(Black)
ESP Les Paul Style (distressed sunburst)

Yamaha FG75 (my starter from way back)
Washburn Craig Chaquico Signature (acoustic electric with cutaway)
Martin Acoustic Electric with (acoustic electric with cutaway)

Too lazy for pic posting now!

@jonas33h Nice PRS! and SG’s are pretty cool too!


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Here’s my babies <3:

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Sorry for the shitty camera phone quality .

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i be slappin’ da bass in a hardcore band, had a europe tour this summer. Best time of my life.

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